Sunday, 30 March 2014

Counting my blessings...

 Apologies if this post looks like it hasn't been edited... I have tried :o((

Here in the UK it's Mothering Sunday. As always in the midst of their busy lives my children have remembered me. 

I was shopping with Rhiannon yesterday. She bought me a beautiful Sophie Conran candle with the most wonderful scent. Whilst paying she had a conversation with the assistant who mentioned that when the candle is finished the bowl can be used for cooking. They mused that it would be particularly suitable for a soufflé. If it is indeed used for a soufflé it will be a first for this mother!! Rhi and Stuart will have invited us for a meal this evening, which I know will be delicious.

Tom sent me some lovely tulips and card courtesy of Moonpig. They were delivered yesterday and the arrangement large enough for me to take some down to my Mothers grave which is about 200m away, in our village churchyard.

The weather is warm and sunny, I'm baking a chocolate cake and Tim is busy watching the Malaysian Grand Prix. 

Happiness, contentment and certainly counting my blessings...

UPDATE 1: Perhaps everything in my Mothering Sunday garden isn't so rosy; instead of baking a cake it  would be more accurately described as BURNING a chocolate cake. Still a covering of frosting can hide a multitude of sins! Sorry, Jean! You can find Jean at

2: I love my iPad, but the blogger app is very clumsy to edit or insert links and resize pics? It won't even let me publish and then go to blogger to edit later. I think I'll revert to using windows live writer which allows me do everything I want to do, easily! There doesn't seem to be an app for live writer. Why not? There's app for almost everything else!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

59 today…

At the top of a mountain…


Renovating Rhiannon’s bathroom…


Snapping away at a Venus Moon…


Happy Birthday, Tim xx

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Where did you get that hat?

Life is busy! Maybe that statement doesn't quite hit the spot. Perhaps my abilities to deal with life efficiently are ebbing away with age. Blogging time is slipping down the list, and although I read most posts, my comments are almost always short, superficial, and rarely do justice to the subject matter.

Did I tell you that life is busy? Not work life, but social life and preparations for that life after work that I constantly seem to be banging on about! We've also been taking advantage of the better weather and lighter nights and trying to walk for an hour or so every evening.

Spring is in the air, together with something else that I can't really say any more about at the moment, except to say that it will be momentous! When I can share the news, I will. The intention isn't to be secretive, but to give a flavour of the mounting excitement developing at The Old School.

In the meantime a couple of family snaps, unfortunately separated by a few thousand miles.

The Ministry of Silly Hats, at Bridgemere. For some reason I wasn't allowed to don the tank commanders helmet! Rhiannon was entertaining the oldies during a much needed break from her post-grad studies. Apologies for the quality, but it's another mobile selfie. Is it still a selfie if the pic shows more than one person?

Tom, at the end of his Japanese biathlon, coming 41st out of 120 in the pro race. He improved his PB by seven minutes. Bravo!

 Celebrating with the Tom Bot!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Tongue in cheek…

Our friend and fellow blogger Colin posted some fantastic photographs taken with his super new lens. Take a look at the post and the blog he writes with Elizabeth.

If my comments were a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ it’s because I knew where I was going to be today!



Watch this space… :o)