Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

TW3 (3)…

The last week has certainly been the week that was. All is quiet here now, possibly a bit too quiet, but it does give us time to remind ourselves of some of the wonderful memories from a week which ended with as big a surprise as it started with!

It was fantastic time to spend together. I know you’ll forgive me if the essence of the week is best captured with a few photographs.







Tim, admiring the intricacies of the spiral staircase…


A glimpse of Le Grand-Pressigny dressed up in it’s finery for the Comice Agricole. We didn’t get to the parade, but you can read more about it here and here


All together again…


The book fair at Angles-sur-l’Anglin. Rhiannon was buying hard backed books with decorative covers for a new crafting hobby. For the evidence, see the photograph at the end




Having a very British cream tea with beautiful china and some of the best Earl Grey tea I’ve ever had…


Extra helpers to put up the store. We almost didn’t manage it!




At the Zooparc du Beauval. Can you spot the famous inhabitant? This is the best Zoo I’ve ever been to and well worth a visit if ever you are in the area.


A close up…


A drink with friends…


Tim and Tom…



Tom getting an opportunity to play a good guitar again. He has been teaching Tim some of the songs from the soundtrack to the film ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’. If you like music you must watch this film. We downloaded it from i-Tunes, but will be buying it to watch again, and again.

Click here for a clip from YouTube. You won’t be disappointed!


Brother and sister…


Dressed up for an evening at La Promenade. Tom must have packed with expectations of a visit to Cuisinier Dallais, as he’d brought decent trousers, shoes and a shirt!



Only a few pics of the fantastic food we were treated to. Again it was a gastronomic extravaganza, lasting nearly four hours.





On our way home Rhiannon and Stuart went to take one last look at the floodlit church and bridge near the Maire. They arrived home with the second surprise of the week… AN ENGAGEMENT!! CONGRATULATIONS TO RHIANNON AND STUART!!




Celebrating with some pink sparkles…




Hugs and tearful goodbyes over, the car wouldn’t start. Dad to the rescue with the jump leads and a lecture on how to use them safely…


Waiting for the TGV at St Pierre des Corps.



It was an absolutely wonderful, special week. Rhiannon’s precise measuring and folding of the book pages, shows that we were left feeling thankful that we are a…



Monday, 18 August 2014

Quelle surprise - a full nest…...

It seems that Tim and I have raised a pair of deceitful children!  Before you worry too much on our behalf, it all happened in a good cause.

Rhiannon and her partner Stuart are visiting. Saturday was meant to be a ‘zoo’ day, but we were baffled when they didn’t seem in a rush to leave. Plans then changed and they decided to go to Tours to ‘visit a cathedral’. Tim and I set off to the Brico and came back via the Comice Agricole at Le Grand Pressigny. We fully intended to go back to look at some of the events, but something happened to throw our plans into disarray!

We’d just eaten a late lunch when we heard the car arrive back. My immediate thoughts were that Tours didn’t live up to expectations, or that they’d found the large shops on the outskirts and decided to explore no further.

Just as I was grilling Stuart about where they’d been I had the shock of my life. In walked our son, Tom. The same Tom who we understood to have travelled from Japan, where he lives and works, to Hong Kong for his holiday. Instead he’d travelled from Kagoshima to Tokyo to Doha to Paris to Tours, to be collected by Rhiannon from the train station.

I have NEVER been more surprised or delighted. Even Tim, who for once wasn’t in on the surprise, was in complete shock.

Judge for yourself…
Not my best look!


Stuart, the birthday boy.


There is a video...

So for the next few days my empty nest will be full.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A tale of two mechoui – or muttony gluttony…


I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t resist this title!

A week or so ago we had fill of roast lamb/mutton. This isn’t a meat we eat very often, but on two consecutive days we were invited to a mechoui.


The sheep cooking on a spit.


Gathering for the welcome drink.

The first was to go with our friends John and Maureen to their village Mechoui in Le Breuil aux Gittons. It was a typical village affair but the food was plentiful and very nice. We ate in a barn on long trestle tables. These things don’t just happen and the villagers had been making preparations for some time. The meal began with an aperitif of white wine, lemon and sugar, together with some delicious hors d’oeuvres, prepared by the young people of the village at a cookery club.

This was followed by a selection of salads. Then came the spit roasted sheep with white beans. A sorbet doused with the strongest eau de vie I’ve ever tasted was followed by a range of cheeses and green salad. Finally, a dessert of flans. I chose my favourite custard one but needed Tim’s help to finish it. The wine and water were generously replenished. We stuck to water!


A short speech of thanks.

It seemed that everyone involved knew their role, from setting up to cooking, serving and clearing away. We had a great time with everyone being so kind and generous. The festivities continue on into the night with cards, boules and another meal made from the leftovers. We couldn’t stick the pace and left before the evening festivities. I’m told these ran on into the early hours, with locals back early the nest day to clear up.

This photograph is probably very misleading as no doubt the men had been heaving tables and cooking the sheep etc. prior to the meal, but the only men clearing up were Tim and John. Either we have them well trained or they’ll do anything if there is an audience!!


Washing up. I know my place! A small price to pay for such a generous shared meal.


The second mechoui was at Angles sur l’Anglin at the tearooms. Again a delicious meal finished off with a cupcake. We sat in the tea garden to watch the fantastic fireworks.



The entree…


Enjoying our meal with the chateau in the background.


The sun setting on the chateau giving a lovely pink glow.


The fireworks, lighting up the ruins.

At least it didn’t rain...