Friday 24 July 2015

J-Days* reflections (2)…

* Japan Days


State of the art conveniences…


We were amazed at the standard of toilets throughout Japan. There seemed to be nothing that these toilets aren’t able to do -

  • some play music,
  • some have heated seats,
  • some double as a bidet,
  • some blow warm air,
  • some make a variety of sounds to mask bodily noises,
  • some have fragrances to mask bodily smells,
  • some have seats which provide a massage,
  • some have disinfectant soaked tissues to wipe seats,
  • some have paper covers for seats,
  • some have fragranced toilet paper,
  • some cubicles have seats to hold infants
  • and most have all of these functions!
  • service areas are nicely decorated’',
  • and ALL were scrupulously clean!






I’m not only talking about toilets in expensive places, but most toilets, even public conveniences.

I think the British and the French have a way to go…

** Sorry about the quality but they were taken quickly and that there isn’t a photograph of the whole toilet. They are on my hard drive in the UK!!**