Sunday 25 December 2016

Season’s Greetings…

It's been a long time! However, although the I may not be finding the time, inspiration or inclination to write this blog I always try to find some time to read and keep up with my many friends in the blogging world. I think of you all often. I take delight in seeing your photographs of amazing places or just your day to day activities. Some of you have become real friends, and we are much enriched by having you as part of our lives.  We count ourselves fortunate to have met you.

At this time we also remember absent friends. Some will return tomorrow, next week or next year. Others are but precious memories of times spent together.

At 3pm GMT we shall be following the lead of Jim and Pauline Craig and raising a toast to absent friends.

Today we are also thinking about those who are less fortunate, where ‘christmas’ never comes - in war zones, touched by tragedy, intolerance, natural disasters, in poverty, poor health, lonely, homeless, refugees -the list goes on. Santa doesn't bring every child a huge pile of presents, and the 'world' so often shows that it doesn't care for the problems of others. Each one of us can make a difference.

Annie Lennox – Universal Child

We wish you all healthy, peaceful and joyful Christmas...

christmas 2016