Saturday 23 December 2017

Season's Greetings - That was the year that was...

**More pics to be added later when our broadband is functional.**

I can't quite believe that it has been a whole year since my last blog. Such a lot has happened during the past twelve months. The fall out from the Brexit vote continues to make me sad and angry. Theresa May is hanging on and leading us to goodness knows where.

Our travels have taken us to South Africa for the first time and were amazed by the stunning scenery and wildlife, 

 In June we became grandparents for the first time. Ronnie Thomas is a little star!

We've sold and moved out of The Old School after nearly 35 wonderful years. We didn't manage to find the right house to buy so are renting a lovely house in Stafford whilst we continue our search. It has been a difficult process both physically and emotionally, but we know that it was the right thing to do. We are very fortunate to have options when so many people really don't.

Since late November we've visited Rome and Venice, stayed in a cottage in the Peak District and managed to move and set up our rented house. Two rooms are almost completely full of boxes which there seems very little point in unpacking, but we also have comfortable rooms in which to relax and browse the Rightmove app - or at least we will when BT get their act together and connect our broadband. A wait of 19 days is a bit excessive, don't you think?

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks meeting up with family and friends for pre-Christmas celebrations. We’ve spent an inordinate amount of time at the ‘trough’, but have enjoyed some delicious meals and sparkling company. No doubt there will be more to come before the decorations are taken down!
We are spending Christmas day with Tom, Rhiannon, Stuart and Ronnie and we’ll enjoy a wonderful meal and good company. 

Wherever you are…
Whatever you are doing…
However you are celebrating this time of the year…
Whether celebrations are more difficult because of loved ones who are no longer with you…

Tim and I send you our very best wishes for
 a merry Christmas
 and a happy, healthy and peaceful 2018.