Friday, 15 April 2011

Home from home................

Well finally, I'm back home in France.

The old Maire in Le Petit-Pressigny

Plans have been changed and then changed again, but it was great to finally arrive, even if it was at 2.30 am!

Our friends Chris and Sally cycled over from near Angles to visit, and were waiting for us on the terrace.

Lunch for 8 on the terrace.


  1. Ah, you lucky things. It's raining here in Derbyshire.
    It's a shame our paths just cross (again) so hope to catch up with you later in the year.
    I hope the weather stays good for you - please save some for us !!

  2. Is it not great to be back in France, I am just loving it. Enjoy Diane

  3. Diane and Jean - Yes, it is good to be back. We have some very good friends staying with us at the moment, so it is great to share our home with them and take them to some of our favourite places.

    We are told that the weather forecast for next week is very good too.

    Jean, if I can get to the shops early enough today, I am going to try your tiramisu recipe. I'm worried that I won't have 6 hours before eating it!!!

  4. Welcome back to France - the weather is still good so do enjoy yourselves. Angles-sur-L'Anglin has visitors of all nationalities arriving and it's good to be here. The blacknird vies for song space with the nightingale. The bats and swallows scoop across the courtyard in the evenings. My blog hasn't yet charted the year of house-ownership in this beautiful village but I hope to start it soon and therefore it will have to be a looking back as well as a looking forward.
    Meanwhile VillagedeVaux continues

  5. Sweetpea - Angles-sur-L'Anglin is such a beautiful place to live. We seem to discover something new and different each time we visit.

    I look forward to reading more about it in your blog......