Sunday, 11 December 2011

Not in my name ....

I would normally stay away from political debate via La Petite-Presse because I know that by stating beliefs too vehemently one runs the risk of losing friends. For me the time has come to take this risk ...

 David Cameron has stood up and walked away from the European summit in order to appease his paymasters in the City and the growing band of all powerful Eurosceptics in his party. He had hyped up his position before the meetings, and was then left with nowhere to go except back to the UK. He called in the heavies like Bill Cash (unfortunately my M.P.) to line up behind him to tell him, and us, all what a wonderful job he had done in standing up for our interests.

As a result we are left friendless and powerless within Europe, but with little influence elsewhere in the world either.

I don’t pretend to understand all of the issues involved, but can’t help to feeling diminished by all of this. I believe it is not good for Britain, not good for jobs and not good for business. I'm not sure I trust Sarkhozy, but better to stay in the debate with him than to allow him to proceed unchecked!

I read an interesting article in the Guardian/Observer, but no doubt I would have read something very different in the Mail or the Express!

Mr Cameron, I want you to know that your views are NOT my views, and that this has not been done in my name!

I'd rather be in the tent with everyone else and peeing out, than in the tent on my own with everyone else peeing in!!

I do respect the views of friends who disagree, but as usual we shall have to agree to differ ...


  1. Gaynor, How brave of you to post about this issue and not hiding your point of view. Living in Belgium I share it. But I know that many people in Britain don't. And I respect their point of view too. In the end, it all comes down to what you believe in, doesn't it? Have a nice weekend! Martine

  2. Hi Martine,

    Brave or foolish it's what I believe. I'm sure that many will disagree with me, but they are entitled to their point of view - I just don't share it.

    I just hope that whole of Europe don't think that everyone in the UK would follow Cameron's lead!

  3. Hi Gaynor,

    We too view Cameron's actions with a distinctly jaundiced eye.
    What has been interesting is the hysteria in the UK media/press compared with the metaphorical shrug of the shoulders in other European countries of: "yes that's the UK; now can we get on with things?"

    What really got up my nose was the incorrect use of the word VETO. NO... Cameron didn't veto anything!! He refused to join in/agree. It took someone interviewed from The Economist to point that out!(sigh)

  4. Gaynor, for some reason your blog isn't appearing in my blog reader, I had the same probem with GBs blog too.

    Could you check your settings and I will my end too.

    I thought you'd gone quiet so popped over to see if you were on a break.

    Could be that some of your other followers are having the same problem,


  5. Whatever the ourcome will be, and I'm worried, it was short sighted of him to actually walk away...he should have stayed and tried to influence the decision making.

  6. Hello Gaynor:
    We are absolutely with you on this. When will Cameron and his cronies realise that the days of the Empire are dead and that we should embrace being European with all that this entails? And, knowing that the only ally Britain has outside the EU on this issue is Hungary makes us afraid, very afraid!!!

  7. I'm glad I'm in France and not the UK at this moment in time. Mind you, Sarko is posturing just as much in order to improve his chances of re-election. Like Antoinette I was confused by the use of the word 'veto', and rather worried about it until I realised it didn't mean Cameron had managed to scupper the entire negotiation process.

  8. It's wonderful to find like-minded thinkers! It's not British interests Cameron's thinking about -- it's Cameron's political interests. I'm glad to see Nick Clegg has stepped up to the plate -- hasn't he?

  9. With you all the way. I'm ashamed that Cameron has thrown his toys out of the pram in the interests of his city chums. I think I might revert to being a celtic tiger again. Wv is "thods", and thods these politicians thertainly are.

  10. That comment was by Pauline signed in as me.... given the average turnout do those "thods" really speak for us!
    The poet e e cummings wrote:
    A politician is an ass upon which everything has sat but a man.
    And I feel really let down... at least Cleggy spoke out this weekend.
    But very few politicians who aim for parliament do so altruistically.

    The WV is "shiate".... 'nuff said!

  11. It's crazy! Cameron thinks he has POWER but he doesn't represent all Brits, be they in France, UK or elsewhere. I'm not a political creature and struggle to understand the financial elements in the Euro crisis but I heard that France and Germany are pleased with the action so that they can 'get on' without UK interests getting in the way. Either way, the future of UK/EU treaties may create challenges and consequences for those who do not wish to live in UK at this very moment. Well done Gaynor for raising this issue.

  12. Niall and Antoinette,

    I agree with you. cameron made a statement in the Commons this afternoon. He had had a few days to get his story together and tried to take on a rather Churchillian manner. he certainly has learned a lot about how to 'spin' a story. I suppose only time will tell ...

  13. SP,
    I've checked my settings and they seem OK. It sometimes happens to me that a post that someone has made for some reason appears further down my blog list and I miss it. I will continue to check settings etc.

    There has got to be something sinister as my MP the infamous Bill Cash was quoted as saying that Cameron had achieved what he (Cash) has been advocating for many years!

    Scary or what ....

  14. Jane and Lance,

    Whay worries me is that the ten countries that might have lined up behind us have completely leeched away, and it now seems to be UK v 26. Not good odds!

  15. Susan,
    The Government are still using the word 'veto'. Apparently opinion polls are very much behind Cameron's actions. Scarier and scarier. Where will it all end up?

  16. Broad,

    Likewise, it is good to fnd like minded thinkers!

    I've gone right off Nick Clegg since the tuition fee fiasco, but he is still preferable to Cameron and his acolites.

  17. Tim and Pauline,
    I too feel let down by all that has happened even more so after the speeches today. Clegg didn't attend the Commons debate as he felt that his prescence " would be a distraction". I think he should have been there to draw a line in the sand.

    Thinking here is that if the Lib Dems cause too much of a fuss Cameron may engineer and election. Pundits think the Tories would be fairly certain to win - if opinion polls are to be believed ...

  18. Sweetpea,

    Good to hear from you. Hope all is well in your beautiful little corner of France.

    I don't completely understand the full ramifications either, but I am apprehensive. I read that Sarko has enjoyed a boost in the french polls.