Sunday, 5 February 2012

Just what we needed ...

We’ve had an enjoyable weekend. Good food, wine, company and we made some progress with our bathroom renovations.

The early morning sun glinting off the windows of Sandon Hall.

Saturday began with an early breakfast, and a long walk around the fields at the back of our house where there is an old troglodyte settlement. More about this another time, when, by way of comparison, I can take some similar photographs of some troglodyte dwellings in France.

Old troglodyte dwellings at Tinkerborough.

Following the walk we went to out to buy a mirror and a bathroom cupboard, having decided to rethink our original plans. When we married nearly 31 years ago our friend Eric made us a beautiful pine corner cabinet. Eric died a couple of years ago, so besides being a piece of craftsmanship it also has sentimental value. We haven’t found anything else which will fit into the space so Tim has sanded the cabinet is painting it white. My preference would normally be for a natural wood finish, but it fits the space and looks good – or will do when it has had another coat or two of paint. We still need the mirror! I'm a Libran and find it nigh on impossible to make up my mind!

At the DIY store when we were looking for a mirror we bumped into our friends Barbara and Kevin who enticed us for tea and what was left of their delicious Christmas cake. By 4.15 we needed to leave as we were expecting friends for supper. However, by this time the road conditions were treacherous so we had a conversation with John and Maureen and we decided that Saturday supper should instead become Sunday lunch! It just wasn’t worth the 20 mile round trip when it was still snowing.

For supper Tim and I had ‘left overs’ of the beef and lentil casserole now being kept for Sunday lunch – good job I’d prepared too much – and watched another LoveFilm thriller; Russell Crowe in what I think was called ‘Three Days’. It was excellent!

This morning we woke up to about 10 cms of snow, which due to the fog and cloud was already beginning to thaw. We’d been looking forward to our morning walk but the snow scenes were disappointingly ordinary.

Over lunch we put the world to rights, and ate dessert in the living room as we watched Wales beat Ireland – although it was a close call! Sorry, no photographs of lunch, but I have been asked for my recipe for 'hot cross bun and butter pudding' so I'll write a post next week.

A fairly ordinary weekend, by many people’s standards, but it was just what we needed...


  1. GOOD! Glad you had an excellent weekend :-)
    A good 10cm od snow here and -4C all day. Birds going mental round the feeders!

  2. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! We've had no snow here -- just boring drizzle ... still this morning the outside steps front and back were covered in ice so I didn't venture out for church.

    Looking forward to the hot cross bun recipe!

  3. We did not get much further than watching the rugby, the cycling and dancing on ice. Well the latter was me, N is not interested! Meanwhile we are living in a white wonderland and the next week looks like freezing temperatures throughout! Will have a go at the hotcross buns when you put the recipe on the blog. Diane

  4. Hello Gaynor:
    Sometimes it is so good just to have time for quiet relaxation and enjoying the companionship and conversation of friends. Your weekend sounds perfect!

  5. A perfect weekend !!
    Sometimes you just have to throttle back and go with the flow. We should all do this more often.

  6. Glad the snow didn't upset your plans too much and you were able to enjoy the weekend.

  7. I agree with Jean. It's good to 'throttle back' now and again and glad you enjoyed it.

    Whilst the weather here has been so cold and snowy we've done little other than keep warm and enjoy a few short walks. There'll be time for frantic activity another day.....

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments and affirmation.
    Don't get too excited about this pudding recipe ... I don't actually make the hot cross buns, just use some shop bought ones to assemble the pudding!