Monday, 23 July 2012

Another three bite the dust ...

A year ago I posted about the retirement of my friends and colleagues Barbara and Sue.
This year it was the turn of SueG, SueH and Jane to retire, and Emily and Lisa to leave. Emily is setting up as an independent artist – she is so talented- and Lisa has moved to another school. We had a couple of great meals to celebrate the occasion.


Barbara, Corrie and Gaynor
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!
They will all be greatly missed and the look and feel of our school will be entirely different, not to mention the age profile of the staff and consequently the salary bill - 

 age + experience = expensive!!

We will, I’m sure, miss their wisdom and experience.
Soon (with good luck and a following wind) it will be the turn of Corrie and Gaynor to find room for the 'retirement bench'. Gaynor has just the spot waiting at the bottom of her garden at Le Pre Vert, overlooking the bief ...
In honour of their retirement another track from my Monday Music collection. Kirsty MacColl with her version of the Ray Davies classic, 'Days' ...


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    It is always with mixed feelings that one witnesses the retirement of colleagues and friends. Their going does, as you point out, very much alter the dynamics of the work place and often, as with you here, brings to the fore thoughts of one's own departure. Something which we very much recommend!

  2. When I was in my twenties and happy to be working I used to feel sorry for those who were retired and no longer worked. Now that I am retired I see things differently.

  3. Change is good, retiring from work is good - win, win! It's not time for you to stop just yet but hope it comes soon enough for you. Til then, at least you have that lovely bench just waiting for you!

  4. Retirement is to be highly recommended, how anyone ever finds time to go to work is beyond me!