Thursday, 16 August 2012

Paris, from an open top bus ...

We met up at St Pierre des Corps station at about 7.15 with just time for a coffee before we boarded the TGV. By booking in advance we were able to travel First Class to Gare Montparnasse for a little over £40.
We’d decided on our itinerary which was basically to take the metro to Montmartre and then to buy an ‘on/off’ open top bus ticket which would take us to the main sights. We’d all been to Paris before so weren’t really interested in joining the long queues on the tourist trail.
So that’s what we did and this is what we saw – you get a very different perspective from the top of a bus than you get from ground level. I'll warn you that on a travelling bus you don't get chance to line up the shot or to take it again if it isn't quite right. Still, a lot of fun was had in the taking!
Gaynor with Ann, Julia, Maureen and Janet.

We resisted the cocktails although Ann suggested that next time we incorporate an overnight stay and try them out! Decency prevents me from printing the names, but, if you want to see enlarge the next photograph ...

The Sacre Coeur minus the pushy sales people selling trashy gifts. Inside, Gaynor didn't see the 'no photographs' sign and was told off!
Paintings on the side of a building.
Gaynor stood up then the bus jerked causing another wonky photograph - honest!
La Defence district in the background. Too much sky!
The leaning tower of Eiffel!

A different view of the Louvre. Where’s the glass pyramid?

Notre Dame.

to be continued …


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    What a fun time you sound to have had on your trip. Yes, everything takes on a different look from 'on high'!!

  2. Gaynor that sounds like a really fun trip and I love the leaning tower :-) Hmmm one of those drinks might have had an interesting effect despite having no alcohol. LOL Looking forward to the next instalment. Diane

  3. Thanks for the tour. It is some time since I have been to Paris and my memories of it are wet, but not the sort of wet that you drink!

  4. I think an open air bus tour is a delightful way to get a feel of a city. This is the second blog post about Paris I have come across this evening, which makes me want to return there even more.

  5. Well done Gay! Your photos aren't too bad - even the leaning tower of Eiffel! We had a lovely day, and not too tiring on the feet as the bus did the work for us. It was a good idea of yours to go for the day. Now we just need to think of our next jolly.

  6. This looks the perfect way to view the city without your feet suffering too much! We shall have to follow your example!

  7. Sightseeing on a top bus it quite nice when you can’t stay for days in a city. I have never taken a bus tour in Paris since this was my hometown but when I took my husband to London we went on a top bus tour of the city (that was before my digital camera time.) I used to love walking in Paris when I visited my mother, twice a year – would start at 9 am and hardly stopped until 18 or 19 hour. But now my body is no longer willing – my knees hurt when I walk too much – so buses are great!