Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Test 2...

Test 2 is to write another 'blogging by email' post with the addition of a photograph.

This photograph always makes me smile. I came across it quite by chance this afternoon amongst some scanned images. Taking centre stage with Rhiannon on his 70th birthday is Tim's father. George died almost exactly ten years ago, having suffered from advanced Parkinson's disease for the last ten years of his life. Here he was very fit and healthy. He cycled  everywhere.

Look closely and you’ll spot a youthful looking Tim and Gaynor, barely recognisable (at least in Gaynor's case!). Just in case your eyes are not what they were we're the ones at the back, on the right! Everyone on this photograph is nearly 27 years older now and the cracks are certainly beginning to show. Since this was taken we've experienced a divorce, four weddings, two funerals and eight children. Would this make a good film title?

 My favourite part of the photograph is of Dave, Tim’s brother-in-law.

Can you spot him?


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    It is always so interesting, if not a little alarming, to look back on old photographs and to consider what has become of everyone and how, as does happen, people have changed.

    You and Tim look very young here in the 1980s!!

    1. We were young, Jane and Lance.

      It's been downhill (or should that be uphill?) ever since!

  2. That worked too!
    Tim's Dad really looked wirey... a sinewy cyclist...
    Dave wouldn't be the one with antlers?
    Please note that the weather is the same here today... but it isn't quite raining yet... but we've had some overnight... and there's more to come......
    10 wet days up until midnight and this will make eleven...
    enough with the rain!!

    1. Morning Tim,

      It worked but unless you go into blogger it's impossible to position the pic where you want it. However the ost was really easy and quick to write. Give it a try.

      Rain here as well.

  3. I've been going over old photographs myself the past few days -- makes me feel as if I don't know whether to laugh or cry!!!;-)

    1. Hi Broad,

      I know exactly what you mean!

      Our winter job was to scan in albums full of old photographs but we haven't even begun!

      This photograph was scanned when Tim did a powerpoint of old photographs to be shown at this father's funeral. It was the realisation that this even was almost exactly ten years ago that nade me look.

  4. I too, have a pile of photographs to sort out. It makes you realise how time has flown by and where has it gone to?

  5. Definitely the 80s! Who would have thought we'd all look so dated one day back then. Think Tim's brother in law looks a bit of a buck! (Or is he a dear?) (I know, wrong male animal but you know what I mean!)

  6. J`ai pas trop compris le message !!! Mais comme même je va vous lesser un petit mot chez vous!! :0)

    Bonne semaine!! Meilleurs voeux pour la journée et la semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx