Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Where was I?

Life's a bit hectic at the moment with reports, parents’ evenings, data tracking and lesson observations, not to mention the renovations to Rhiannon’s new house. I spent my day off painting and taking delivery of a new kitchen.

Time for blogging is limited, but to be honest I doubt anyone would want to read a blow by blow account of wallpaper stripping, filling and sanding down walls!

I've delved into the photograph archive...

Any idea where I was?


  1. No idea... but I love the woodworker ironwork.

  2. Yes we love the town and will be there tomorrow but not in the cave.

    1. Cheating a bit C&E, as we were there with you!

  3. Jolie fotos !!

    Merci de visitez mon blog et de laisser votre doux commentaire chez moi!! Ca ma fait beaucoup plaisir!!

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  4. No idea! But I love the photo of the bottles :-)

  5. Ok...you were with Colin and Elizabeth....but I'm still looking forward to finding out exactly where. best wishes Jx

  6. Waiting to find out, not in our area :-) Diane

  7. No idea, but that photograph in a cave with bottles that look almost like chandeliers is most intriguing...

  8. Not a clue, but this definitely shouts: 'French winery'! :)

  9. Was the photo taken at a sculptural exhibition in the Loches caves?
    We once went to such a place, cool on a hot summer's day and the installations were incredible.

  10. Perhaps the court yard and wine cellar of your French home Gaynor? I bet you wish that was the case!

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