Friday, 5 April 2013

That ruddy shelduck...

*** Thanks to Tim Ford from Aigronne Valley Wildlife  for sorting out my sloppy identification and pointing out the difference between a ruddy duck and a ruddy shelduck.
Apologies to Tim B for not listening when he clearly told me that it was a ruddy shelduck! ***
We wandered around the old farm buildings at Chenonceau and were entertained by the ducks around the duck pond.

There were some beautiful mandarin ducks posing on the rocks.
It was great fun to watch the ruddy shelduck chase the bar headed goose.This happened not just once, but four times in the few minutes we stood to watch. The ruddy shelduck would chase the goose to the far end of the pond, at which point the goose would 'give the duck the slip', paddle back to the shallows and climb on to the nesting area. This would be spotted by the ruddy shelduck who would paddle like mad back to the nesting area. It would then make a honking noise to chase the goose back to the far end of the pond. The whole game of chase would start again!

Simple things and all that...


  1. Gaynor, that definitely ain't a Ruddy Duck... it is too big for a start, and has too pale a head and the sound you describe finishes it... It is a Ruddy SHELduck... they honk! The Ruddy Duck is less than half that size, has a stiff pointy tail and is mainly silent, but has a "distant" quacking call [odd for a Yankee... can't come from Texas then... apologies in advance, Ken... but you ain't typical!]

    1. Thanks, Tim.

      I knew I could rely on you for expert advice - even without your badge! I shall change the post immediatement...