Monday, 11 November 2013

Just testing...

Rhiannon found me the blogger app for my iPad so I thought I'd test out how the process works.
It seems fairly straight forward  and I can email photographs to myself to upload or take the photographs with the iPad camera.

Tom sent me this photograph, from Japan using LINE which works a bit like Skype, although I find that it is easier to use

He is in training for a biathlon, advertising Team Sky as he travels and doing his bit for the Anglo Japanese equivalent of the entente cordiale.

I can't work out how to resize the photograph.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: It seems I can alter the pic size and font (limited variety) by editing in blogger itself but not through the app. 

I wonder whether there is a windows live writer app...


  1. Gaynor, it may seem odd....
    but I find this font more readable....
    but how does it affect comments?

    1. Ha, not at all!!
      When bloggin' I use Notepad to create the text, then do everything else in Blodga... including dropping in pictures that have been resized and sharpened in Pottyshop... but any picture editor works!
      Most pictures now are so big that you need to manipulate them to get a good result on screen...
      and almost all ours are around 500k, or lower, in size at point of upload.
      If there is a demand, someone will come up with a Live Writer clone.... but I doubt whether Microsog would bother!

      The phrase in 60's & 70's was....
      "Keep on Truckin'"...
      now it should be...
      "Keep on Bloggin'"

  2. Actually the whole font thing is a mess as each method I use to post offers a different range. It's time to do a complete overhaul, methinks!

    1. Find something that is common to all methods sounds the best...
      but the thing to always remember in design is...
      and I don't mean the moozik!!

  3. These new fangled ideas are there to try us me thinks. Good luck. Diane

    1. Diane...
      The older we get...
      the younger we need to be!!