Sunday, 2 November 2014

October CCC…

For the October meeting of the Loire valley Clandestine Cake Club Tim baked a gluten free, date and ginger cake. It must also be said that when we were discussing cakes which fitted in with the theme, another consideration was to use up some of the items in our store cupboard which wouldn’t keep until next spring. The last time we used this rectangular silicone ‘tin’ the sides spread out, leading to a very distorted cake, so this was Tim’s ingenious way of ensuring it didn’t happen again.



The finished cake…


Jean and Nick kindly hosted the event in their lovely new home. The idea is that at the meetings one samples very small portions of the some cakes on offer (along with some tea and/or sparkles), and then at the end of the meeting to take home a slice of a few of the cakes to enjoy later. There was a splendid array of delicious cakes.


Jean starting off the meeting with Simon in pole position to taste.

My effort was a Nigella inspired chocolate fruit cake. My reason for baking this was to try out the recipe I’m thinking of using for my Christmas cake, although my nod to the Autumn theme came in the form of the chopped almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and pistachios sprinkled on the top. The cake was rather rich, but I think it would work as a Christmas cake.



To round off the afternoon we won the raffle! I think after sampling such delicious baking, the Lorraine Pascal book is most apt!



  1. Your chocolate Christmas cake was delicious and I'm thinking of making it myself this Christmas as a change from my usual Mary Berry recipe.
    That man of yours is a great one for fixing problems - pity he doesn't work for BT - they could do with people like him!

    1. But then they'd have a load of grumpy old men working for them! At least your internet might work... ;o)

    2. I forgot to add that Tim's cake was absolutely delicious too.....

  2. We know those two faces - Hope Simon left some cake for the rest of you.