Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Retired and happy...

 Caution: iPad posting which will be edited later!

The rain at the end of last week caused many of our cherries to swell and split. Still fine for pies, crumbles and conserve, but not so good for the fruit bowl. I picked 1500g of the better ones, washed them, stoned them, boiled them with sugar, added a dash of Amaretto to half the mix and Sakura (cherry blossom liqueur which we brought back from our trip to Japan) to the remainder and turned the cherries into a delicious (even if I do say so myself) conserve.

Conserve cooling it was clear we needed something to eat it with so I quickly knocked up a batch of scones using a Mary Berry recipe. I didn't roll out the dough thickly enough to get a good rise, but the mix was VERY sticky (as the recipe suggested it should be) and difficult to work.

The scones taste better than they look, and were served warm with a little butter and cherry conserve.

Today is Wednesday so we are off to Loches market for a wander and a spot of lunch. It surely is a hard life...


  1. Looks and sound utterly delicious! Axxx

  2. They look good to me and I bet they taste even better. The cherry conserve looks brilliant and the addition of Sakura would be even better.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, I do appreciate the support.

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  5. The scones and Jam were/are delicious. :-)))) (TimB)