Friday, 24 July 2015

J-Days* reflections (2)…

* Japan Days


State of the art conveniences…


We were amazed at the standard of toilets throughout Japan. There seemed to be nothing that these toilets aren’t able to do -

  • some play music,
  • some have heated seats,
  • some double as a bidet,
  • some blow warm air,
  • some make a variety of sounds to mask bodily noises,
  • some have fragrances to mask bodily smells,
  • some have seats which provide a massage,
  • some have disinfectant soaked tissues to wipe seats,
  • some have paper covers for seats,
  • some have fragranced toilet paper,
  • some cubicles have seats to hold infants
  • and most have all of these functions!
  • service areas are nicely decorated’',
  • and ALL were scrupulously clean!






I’m not only talking about toilets in expensive places, but most toilets, even public conveniences.

I think the British and the French have a way to go…

** Sorry about the quality but they were taken quickly and that there isn’t a photograph of the whole toilet. They are on my hard drive in the UK!!**


  1. With you 100% on Japanese toilets. I keep promising myself a Toto washlet here in the UK but price has stopped me. The first time I tried such a treat in my Tokyo hotel room I almost didn't leave the room for a week so enamoured was I with it! It's such a hygienic way to do things. Paper is so last century.

    1. PS - I missed your previous post on Newcastle for some reason. I like the city and the river front area. The regeneration mirrors Glasgow's in many ways.

    2. Thanks.

      I didn't use many of the functions, Craig. I was just amazed as to how many there were. In most public convenience areas there were still a few of the squat type as I imagine some people prefer to use those. Can't imagine why!!

  2. They look great but give me the french hole in the ground anytime... Only joking!!

    1. Luckily in France there are still loads around!! ;o)

  3. French toilets have a very long way to go..... Have a good weekend Diane

    1. I agree, British ones too. In style and level of cleanliness!

      You too.

  4. Not just Japan but Korea too has these amazing toilets. At first they are intimidating because you don't want to touch them, let alone sit on them in case you trigger some fancy but unexpected function. Once I realised that all the pictogram instructions made sense only when you were seated on the throne I was a lot more confident. Looking at them upside down from standing in front of the toilet and I couldn't work them out!

    1. I agree. I didn't use all the functions offered, but it was interesting to hear others in the public area who were! ;o)

      I loved the toilet slippers offered in more traditional Japanese ryokan. the largest only just fit my size 7 feet and Tim at a 10 had no chance!!

  5. Goodness me, makes going for a fiddle far more interesting. With so much to do, you wouldn't want to come out :)

  6. I meant tiddle, predictive text!! x