Friday, 9 October 2015

Another trip around the sun...

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On Thursday I completed yet another trip around the sun, which makes it 59 so far. This year's journey has been amazing, so I'm hoping the next trip will be the same, and with Rhiannon and Stuart's wedding coming up how can it not be! For the first time in many years I wasn’t able to spend my birthday with any family members, so we celebrated my birthday and Tom’s going back to Uni with a meal last week. 

I am in France, and they are all in the UK, busy with work and university. Of course, with the help of technology I was able to communicate with them, and friends via a mixture of Facetime, Skype, email, text and Facebook. I received some lovely cards and gifts and was invited to a delicious lunch by Colin and Elizabeth. They had made some fabulous apple roses, which I'm sure they will blog about at some stage, and celebrated with a glass of sparkles, 

Having a bit more time on my hands I did some research. If I were to believe in astrology, (and I don’t!) I discovered that these are some of the characteristics of a person born on the 8th of October…

·        placid, well mannered with a strong belief in equality, fairness and justice.
·        persuasive with diplomatic temperament.
·        good at negotiating as well as avoiding arguments.
·        naturally shrewd, farsighted and witty.
·        great at organising.
·        not neat and tidy.
·        loyal, affectionate and creative.
·        skilled with the use of words.
·        levelheaded with sound judgement.
·        usually not afraid to tactfully speak their mind.
·        charming and curious.
·        sensitive and on occasion a little detached.  
·        tendency to sometimes overspend with an impulse buy.
·        a bit too aware of what others around you may think.
·        feelings can occasionally run hot and cold.
·        occasional difficulty in dealing with stress.
·        worries affect confidence.
·        patience and  attention to detail.
·        to be tolerant and calm when necessary.
·        pleasant impartiality, dependability and persuasiveness accentuate the power to negotiate and make progress.
·       sense of humour and fluent communication let you get along with everyone regardless of surrounding circumstances.
·        main strengths are imagination and capable creativity, shrewdness, fairness, and a tactful even temper help keep a clear level head.
·        main weaknesses focus on the coolness of your responses and an increase in your untidiness, obstinate or bossy manner.

I see myself in a few and would like to see myself in others. Some are uncomfortable, and others, frankly laughable!! Others, like a complete inability to make up my mind, don't appear on the list! My friend Janet was born on the same day. Although, as she would no doubt point out, she is four years younger. I see Jan in quite a few of the positive traits.

I’ll let you decide which are which…


  1. Happy birthday! That list is ludicrous -- there are some completely contradictory traits up there. Anyone could see themselves described if they chose a few.

    I'm planning to make those apple roses too.

    1. That's what I thought! ;0)

    2. I couldn't be less imaginative or creative, but I am untidy - or so Tim says!

  2. I'm sure you had a great enjoy a beautiful autumn in France. Jx

    1. Thanks, Janice. The weather has certainly taken a cooler turn, but when we mentioned this to our French neighbour were told that as it will soon be winter we should expect it... xx

  3. Still a lovely way to celebrate your birthday :-) have a lovely time in France xo

  4. Glad that you managed to celebrate your birthday despite no family chez nous. So many things on that list some have to be true:-)) Have a good Sunday. Diane x

    1. Forgot to add I don't use Livewriter so I don't know. My Outlook though is still odd. It works with 3 different gmail accounts but it will not work with the one on Google Plus!!! Luckily it is the least used!

  5. A belated birthday wish or two, Gaynor. The trip around the sun seems to get quicker and quicker, doesn't it? I wasn't born anywhere near 8th October but would definitely agree that one or two of these traits apply to me ....especially the not neat and tidy one!!

    The apple roses look amazing - I've seen the recipe but haven't got access to good apples here in southern Spain...such a shame. We're trying to grow some but discovered it will take our little trees about 12 years to fruit - that is if they survive the heat of the summers. We try!

  6. I've seen those roses online and I'm going to cook them soon, so stylish. Our youngest was born on the 8th October and I did giggle at some of those characteristics as very few are him x

    1. I think that quite a few are me, although I'll bet that whenever you are born you can claim some of the traits xx

  7. Happy Birthday, very tardily. Like Diane, I don't use Livewriter so I can't help. Neither do I use Outlook. But I've been having trouble with Windows Explorer. Nothing drastic, but still not pleasant.

    1. Thanks, Ken. I eventually found that a restart did the trick...