Sunday, 31 January 2016

R.I.P. Sir Terry...

Sadly Sir Terry Wogan passed away today. For many years I arrived at school with a smile on my face listening to his breakfast programme. 
Tears of laughter listening to his Janet and John stories turn to sadness today for the man who helped raise millions for Children in Need.

Check this out...


  1. Same here. He was a great wit and a great radio presenter. His thoroughly cheeky but inoffensive sense of humour was so refreshing considering the other garbage on offer, and his was the best morning programme ever.
    He will be dearly missed by millions.

  2. A sad day. Even living away from the UK for so long I got to know his face so well. He did so much good. Diane

  3. A sad day. He will be missed by many a listener.

  4. Used to love watching Blankety Blank. Terry at the helm and lots of celebs, many I'd never heard of but great fun. He will be missed x