Thursday, 3 May 2012

Yes, N.I.M.B.Y....

Common sense has prevailed and the planning application for the hostel has been withdrawn by the applicant. I just wish I’d known before I fronted up, together with about 50 other villagers, to the AGM of the Parish Council. I thought it was a bit odd that some of the gathering didn’t come into the hall – they were obviously in the know!

Now the Parish Council AGM, acknowledged by the Chair, usually  has only a small handful of ‘spectators’. I can see why!

When I left about an hour later (urgent phone call - The Apprentice!) they were having a post mortem about the procedures which should be put in place in case another application is made.

The latest contentious issue, and this will also be a biggie, is exactly what route the extension to HS2 will take. Robert says that it certainly can’t go through the Trent Valley near the village because there is already a road, a railway, a canal, a river and a field before you come to the gardens of the houses. I don’t think he has quite grasped the fact that if it does come through the Trent Valley the ONLY place is through the field and the gardens!!

In comparison the hostel might not have been so bad after all ….


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    Well, you live to fight another day. All of these things are so very difficult and there are no ready solutions.

    1. I think a difficult decision was taken out of my hands - thank goodness!

  2. That would be a nightmare, I hope that this does not come about either! Diane

    1. You're not wrong here, Diane!

      Hopefully we will have downsized long before anything drastic happens. However many of our neighbours are worried about 'planning blight'. I'm not certain of the effects but it sounds nasty.

      I'm also not sure that a persuasive enough case has been made for the extension to HS2 (or even HS2, for that matter) but will look into this more when the route is announced.

  3. Your N.I.M.B.Y views are as I would have expected Gaynor, balanced and reasoned I am very pleased that I have not been placed in a similar situation. The radio had an interesting programme on a few months ago, it featured people that lived next to all sorts of structures etc. One lived next to a giant scrapyard, a sewage farm, motorway, prison, RAF airfield etc - they all appeared to be happy but it left a lot of unanswered questions in my mind. I suppose if you were a train spotter you may be happy to have HS2 at the botton of your garden! I will however continue to battle with the moles in my garden and hope that they are the only trouble I have in the next few years.


  4. Hi John,

    I can at least make a case for the hostel, but not, at the moment, for HS2. The stations for it will be few and far between, and it will be costly to ride so I can't really work out who will.

    Still we'll wait and see!

    Some of these moles are very resilient. Let's hope you have the docile kind!

  5. This is not going to be a fun battle. Sometimes one wonders if it's all a foregone conclusion. Good luck!

  6. It will be interesting to see what develops of the train situation as it will go near to us too. Not in our backyard but will take up a lot of land.

  7. Have just found out there is some talk of an application for an open cast mine just half a mile from our back garden and right in the middle of a residential area. Apparently the main benefit is to three local farmers who own the land between them but it will be hell for those who will have to live right next to it for three years.
    If I am to become a NIMBY I will be proud to do so. One of the farmers sells milk and eggs from a kiosk at the end of his lane, and most of his customers are the very people whose lives could easily become very miserable if this goes through. I shall be at the front of every meeting, brandishng whatever needs to be brandished to push it into someone else's back yard instead of ours.

  8. If there were to be an opencast mine close to our house I would be a NIMBY and proud!

    The hostel planned for the village has been withdrawn. Although it isn’t something I would welcome, it just isn’t in the same league as an opencast mine. Even the extension to HS2 pales in comparison.

    Good luck with the fight. I can understand your frustrations and resentment about the local farmers cashing in. their payoff will be more than enough to buy them property and land far away from the noise and turmoil! Perhaps you need to sell up and make that move to LG-P.

    Best wishes