Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Young people at their very best ...

The day of our House Music Festival has arrived! For the past few weeks pupils have been busy preparing their pieces and will be performing them in front of the whole school. I am the scorer and my colleague Janet will write the certificates. Believe you me this is an honour, and SO much better than being assigned to my usual job of ‘crowd control’!! I'm looking forward to a fantastic celebration of music and youth.

To get in the mood I thought I’d play you a clip of my favourite act on Britain's Got Talent. No, it’s not Pudsey the dog - although I did enjoy watching him perform, but this performance always brings a lump to my throat reminding me of my roots. It makes me proud to be Welsh!

Enjoy this celebration of the very best of young people - Only Boys Aloud….

Or this …


  1. Sounds like you have an interesting day ahead of you. Enjoy. Diane

    1. Thank you, Diane. My day was excellent - praise indeed for a work day!

  2. Hello Gaynor:
    Yes, young people are our future and it is so inspiring to se them at their very best. We too would have readily settled for keeping score rather than calming the excited masses. Enjoy your day!

  3. Well said, Jane and Lance.

    Young people are our future and my hope is to see them live happy, fulfilled lives. Music can provide so much enrichment.

  4. I would say music pretty much defined my youth and I am who I am as a result of having access to so much of it - all types. Indeed so much so, that at first reading, I thought you were preparing the music for the festival. You said you were the 'scorer' and I understood it in the music 'score' sense! I was very impressed - but think you will have your work cut out 'keeping' score anyway. Have a wonderful festival. Axx