Sunday, 2 December 2012

An Archers update and taxing matters...

GaynorB thought that she’d better do an update, just in case you, and more importantly those wonderful people in the fraud department of the Inland Revenue, really do believe that Tim is moonlighting on the Archers.

In a manner of speaking he was, but in name only. His name, which is fairly unusual, was used in the show as the name of a local farmer.

That’s settled then. Now the IR can carry on investigating why giant corporations like Amazon and Starbucks don’t pay any tax in the UK, despite billions of £££ of sales, and how BBC stars can hide their earnings away so's they don't pay tax either. Starbucks, I’m told, even make(read engineer) a loss, but are quite happy to swallow this UK loss in order to be a ‘global brand’.

Now, isn’t that magnaninous of them…

P.S. The photograph has nothing to do with anything! It was taken outside St Mary's church in Stafford.


  1. Damn, I was just getting ready to listen to the omnibus thismorning, wondering if Tim would be appearing...... Have a good Sunday Gaynor, love Janice x

    1. Morning, Janice.
      Hope you are having a good day and feeling OK x

  2. Your picture is very relevant The poor chap is most obviously meditating at how much tax he has had to pay!!

    1. Perhaps worrying about the effect on him of the latest Government pronouncement - no tax relief on annual pension contributions of more than £30,000.

      I'll only put £29,999 into my pension this year then ... :o)

      They obviously live in another world to the one I, and most people I know, inhabit!

  3. Keep banging on GaynorB - say it loud and clear, even though nothing is happening.

    Don't manage to catch The Archers these days...:-( The only place I can listen to Radio 4 is in bed and although I did once stay in bed long enough to listen to the Omnibus edition, it was shameful of me as we're one hour ahead here. I didn't get up until 1am....

  4. I will, Annie!

    The odd lie in is good for you... When I'm in France I listen to the online catchup.

  5. I have not listened to the Archers for years, but not surprised to hear it is still running.