Monday, 17 December 2012

Why I do what I do ...

I teach many bright, enthusiastic and hard-working kids in addition to some that are not. I have complete understanding if pupils are not as able, and support them to achieve as best I (and they) can. I struggle more to understand the kids who are less prepared to try their very best, but it comes with the job.

Then, every now and again a child does something amazing and it makes it all worthwhile. As a homework activity pupils are tasked to make model cells, in order for them to demonstrate their understanding of the structure and function of ‘special’ cells. Then they present their model to the class.

This embroidery was produced by a Y7 pupil (aged 11-12).

This is why I am lucky to do what I do…


  1. makes it all worth while doesn't it? brilliant. Jx

  2. That is amazing! She obviously put a lot of effort into producing something of art and science! Congratulations - you've made an impression on this student and you deserve some kudos! I know - I'm a retired teacher!

  3. Brilliant! As you say it is what we do it for.
    At that age I couldn't have drawn a cell as well as that, let alone produced it in needlework!

  4. That is absolutely superb! The school ought to commision a series... the next one should be the Mighty Chondrion. Let us hope that this child's inate ability isn't 'system'ized out of them!
    And does it have to be a "she" to do work like this?

  5. In about 12 years time, look out Damien Hurst, someone's gone past you!

  6. What a wonderful idea - something to be proud of forever. I made the most awful pin cushion at that age and knew even at the time that it really wasn't up to scratch. Your student should be very proud. Teacher too!

  7. It certainly makes up for the ones who just see school as challenge - the kind of challenge that involves winding the teachers up all the time and achieving nothing.

  8. I hope the embroiderer uses her talents in more artistic and scientific creations. I think it is called lateral thinking?
    Give her our felicitations.
    Was it her own idea to do such work?
    Wonderful imspiration to those who teach and those who can!