Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Art – making a difference…

A few weeks ago Rhiannon invited me to attend the opening of an art exhibition which had been organised by some of her colleagues. The venue was apt; the old law court at the Shire Hall in Stafford. The art work was terrific, produced by young people who have or are at risk of offending, working under the guidance of an established artist. The Staffordshire Youth Offending Service has been awarded a Gold Award by the Arts Council England for its innovative work to address offending behaviour in young people through art. The team work hard to support young people to overcome problems and issues in their lives, reduce reoffending and promote public protection in Staffordshire.

Here is some of the work…





   Rhiannon’s colleagues…

IMG_9255The artist…


For obvious reasons I’ve decided not to include photographs of the young people involved, even though their photographs were published in local newspapers. The event was supported by local councillors and officials.

I really hope that projects like this make a difference in turning round the chaotic lives of some young people.


  1. I recognise the artist - I'm sure he was a lecturer at Stafford College when I was the exams officer there. Well done to him and Rhi's team for their work. It looks really professional. (I also recognise the lady in the photo - as do you!)

    1. Quite possibly. I think there might have been more than one artist involved.

      The team is a multi-agency team consisting of social workers, ploice and probation service.

      Will the lady in question be visiting you on her way south?

  2. I do like it when art comes from such unexpected sources. It just shows how some of these young people could shine, given the opportunity. Not all, I understand (there will always be bad) but some.

    1. I'm convinced that projects like this are worthwhile, as is anything aimed at the engagement of dissafected youngsters. Even though, as you say, it doesn't always work out the alternative is unthinkable!