Monday, 15 July 2013

Sometimes life gets in the way…

… of blogging, which is precisely how it should work. It would really be so very sad if one was to allow blogging to get in the way of life!


I’ve been telling myself this for a couple of months as my posts have become more sporadic. It’s not like I don’t have anything to post about. In the past couple of weeks I’ve marshalled at a couple of Race for Life events, taken a trip to the Natural History museum in London, had a few end of term nights out, cracked along with the renovations to Rhiannon’s house,had a couple of sets of Tom’s friends staying and been to a wine tasting. Another highlight was the retirement celebration for my friends and colleagues, Corrie and Deb who I’ve been privileged to know for nearly 30 years. I’ve also written over a hundred reports and proof read another two hundred! All of this beside the day job.


This week will be our leavers’ evening, Tom’s graduation in Lancaster, (of course I shall miss the Y8 end of term jolly to Alton Towers ;o)) and a special BBQ with my good friends Sue, Barbara and Corrie (and husbands).

We break up on Friday, so next week will be the final (fingers crossed) push to complete the renovations. Tim will be taking leave from work to mastermind this.


I’m sure that I’ll post my thoughts on some of these events over the coming weeks, and hope to experience a bit more of ‘la vie Francaise’.

In the meantime I’ll blog and visit when I can…


  1. Much as I enjoy blogging, it is good that life gets in the way sometimes.

  2. Oh how I agree! Here, it's either too busy or too darn hot to blog! I am managing to keep reading and making a few comments here and there (and I saw your little message on Janice's blog!) but can't seem to summon up the necessary time to keep my own blog ticking over....

    As long as life is good, it doesn't matter if it gets in the way.

  3. Life really is very good and although I moan about things I certainly appreciate and count my blessings.

    What I'd like are 27 hour days...

  4. I'm pleased to hear that your life is full and joyful at the moment Gaynor. And you have time in France to look forward too! We'll still be here when you have more time. Take care.

    1. Thanks, Craig.

      I know that today will have been very difficult for you and Clive. You made absolutely the right, brave decision for Boris. Thinking of you.

  5. Hi Gaynor , Well you life is full and yes that is the way it is meant to be ,, and it happened to me . Don't usually do two trips close together ,, but still no time to blog :-) You WILL when you have time , :-)

    1. I will!!

      I'm looking forward to reading more about your trips.

  6. Life is for living in the now... not for blogging and remembering the past life. The latter is something some of us do for various reasons and recording memories...a journal of LIFE and the wonderful diversity of people's minds, events,lifestyles, imagination and invention, success, writing styles and photography. It opens windows and doors. Better to have a life. For if not, what would one blog about?

  7. Thanks for the advice!

    We'll meet up soon and try out that tea shop in your village. I'm looking forward to it.

  8. Gaynor you are so right. The break away from blogging was good for me but I am trying to make the posts now not quite so close together. I have so much to do, the weather is beautiful and why do I want to spend hours in front of the computer indoors? See you when we can Diane

  9. I think this is normal blogging activity. Especially when you're busy with life and other stuff.
    You'll probably find that when you have more time to yourself you have even less time to blog, even if you have more to blog about !!
    In any case, we'll still be here when you have the time.....

  10. WOW quelles jolies fotos !!