Wednesday, 23 April 2014



Angles_panorama A panorama of the chateau and river at Angles-sur-l’Anglin.

On the past couple of Sunday mornings we’ve indulged in a very French pastime. Brocanting. At Azay-le-Ferron and Angles-sur-l’Anglin.

IMG_8344 The chateau at Azay.


IMG_8347 Some beautifully dressed dolls.

IMG_8343 Would you buy this doll?

It’s a bit like car-booting in the UK (which we very rarely do, probably no more than a handful of times in the 35 years I’ve known Tim!) We did sell at one, once, and have regretted giving away classic vinyl albums for 50p. They just walked off our stall!

We’ve loads of stuff that we could sell, and certainly need to get rid of, but it’s always preferable to take it to a charity shop. I remember when my parents died I couldn’t face someone haggling over an item was worth 50p or £1 so I gave all but a few sentimental, or items of greater value away. I remember the newly opened Hospice of the Valleys charity shop was completely kitted out!

We never buy very much, but usually find something, useful or otherwise, to buy. It’s also fun bumping into people you know and checking out their purchases, or pointing out where that special something they are trying to find might be located!

IMG_4030_640x427 The paintings were very expensive!



At Azay we bought six glasses and four blackcurrant bushes for a total of 16 Euros. However, at Angles I picked up a beautiful leather bag which I am still feeling rather guilty about. A little old lady was selling a number of items. I picked up the nearly new leather bag which she said had been expensive, but would sell it for 20 Euros. When I hesitated she asked me whether it was too expensive and asked how much I would pay. I mentioned 10 Euros, expecting her to negotiate up to 15, but she agreed. I’ve worried about it ever since!



My second purchase was probably worth exactly what I paid for it!


Not for sale.



On second thoughts, the man might be…


  1. Tim... Should we buy a pair of vintage ones and burn up the roads of France??? PS Nice bag!! Col

    1. Why not? Vintage men on vintage motorcycles has a nice ring to it... :o))

  2. Here's where I suffer a little envy....Angles-sur-l'Anglin and bargains to boot! (Or to bag, should I say.) Spain is woeful at this sort of thing, or at least the bit of it we live in. Axxx

    1. Angles is one of my favourite places.

      Any movement on the house situation?

  3. I just love this about France. I already have 5 or 6 vide greniers written into my diary, within the first couple of weeks of our arrival in Caunes.... I love the bag...a gorgeous purchase..... dont feel guilty...she could always have said no. Jx

    1. Wish I was there!

      If I'd bought it from a dealer I wouldn't have felt a jot of guilt, but then a dealer wouldn't have accepted such a low price. x

    2. Its justice.... the world is paying you back after you sold those albums so cheaply. Jx

  4. My daughter and I had a lovely time selling her stuff last year on a brocante in Paris before she went to New York. I love the atmosphere when you have a stall here. Since we live nearby I was able to bring a thermos of tea to share with the people on each side.

  5. That"s a very nice bag.
    Elizabeth was also using a beautiful leather bag she got in a charity shop for next to nothing.
    I have a bit of an issue with used handbags, remembering a story I once read about Paula Yates.
    I'll tell you about it next time I see you...........

  6. Gaynor...
    Looking at the last pic, do I notice a certain look of yearning on Tim's face?
    Just coming up for the long break in life...
    looking yearningly at motorcycles....
    hasn't just bought a large shed has he?

    1. Just looked up Henry Saxel bags....
      they are on eBay at 19$ to 30$ [Buy it now]...
      also in the shops at 300€....
      but the ones on eBay are most probably Chinese in origin...
      however, on-line, how does one know if the shop ones are genuine???
      Just a thought??

  7. The pictures are very expensive - and often of weeping children / excessively pious religious scenes / painting by numbers (very well done, I recall) / anonymous mountain-river-seaside scenery / sun-bleached beyond redemption. Most of the ones of children are downright nasty. P.