Thursday, 17 April 2014

Just when you thought…

… that you’d seen it all, something always crops up to surprise you.

We were shopping at the Brico in Chatillion-sur-Indre on Monday morning, stocking up on essentials like curtain rings, ant powder, three different sizes of clear plastic tubing (don’t ask!) and a new sink plug. We have one of those pop up things which hasn’t worked properly since we bought the house in 2009. Looking along the shelves it seemed the least we could get away with paying was 13 Euros.

That was until we came across these little lovelies…



We resisted the flower patterned ones as we thought they might clash with our 1970’s flowery tiles we inherited.


And, lest you think we are snobs, the finished article. All for less that 6 Euros.


Now the bidet and bath look a bit mismatched…


  1. Those are SO cool! I don't think I have ever had plug-envy before...

  2. How lovely! Well spotted - what a bargain. Axxx

  3. Hello Gaynor,

    What a jolly plug topper....if indeed that is what it is. Surely, designed to make one smile on every occasion that one washes up....well, something is needed to cheer one up!

    Happy Easter!

  4. They are plugs?? I would love one of those ,what a great idea :-) and a bargain too. x

  5. They're great! which Brico was it?

  6. I want one! Flowers or tweety birds are fine. I used to have some lovely doorknobs with birds on, on the bathroom door and cupboard under the washbasin. Unfortunately they didn't come with us, we could have gone for a matched set. P.