Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Must haves…

I popped into our local Aldi and Tim decided to come in with me. Anyone who knows Tim will know that he doesn’t usually ‘do’ shopping. As soon as we entered he made a bee line for the centre aisles, and kept coming back to the trolley with items we were in dire need of…


No need for food then!

He bought this, even though we don’t own a dog!



Luckily, we know someone who does…

Weather update: I can’t be sure, but I think the sun is about to appear from behind the clouds.


  1. You can never have enough of that kind of 'stuff' Tim. Plus the guard will be handy should we ever be invaded by dogs from Mars!

  2. Hello Gaynor:

    Well we cannot pretend that we are not a little surprised at Tim's choice of 'must have' items from Aldi. Until now we had assumed it only sold food but do not think we have actually ever been in one of their stores. We trust that you got what was needed!!

    The sun is definitely out here!

  3. Absolutely fabulous... I always buy something that we need DESPERATELY. and Elizabeth gets her gluten free chocolate... As Jim says you can never ever have enough bits and bobs... Long may Aldi continue... Col

  4. My husband usually disappear with the trolley when he is buying these kind of 'must have' items. Meanwhile, I am walking around with armfuls of groceries trying to find him.

  5. Aha, a bloke can never have too many nails or tools.
    A bit like us girls and our handbags.
    I didn't know Aldi sold stuff like that, I might get Nick to agree to visit!

  6. You definitely made me chuckle on the dog guard, especially not having a dog!