Wednesday, 11 November 2015

À bientôt, au revoir but not adieu...

(Photographs will be re-sized)

Last few days...

The overwhelming memory of the last couple of weeks has been of fantastic weather. Sunny, bright and warm. We've been able to prepare the garden for winter and in all will have taken 27 of the very large (1 tonne) builders bags full of garden waste to the déchèterie! Hedges have been trimmed, shrubs cut back, fruit trees pruned and mountains of leaves raked and bagged.

On Sunday we took some time out for a walk around Le Grand Pressigny...

We've also hosted our annual curry evening for around thirty neighbours and friends. It marks the end of our year at Le Pré Vert and helps us to use up food from our fridge and freezer and beers (and wines) from our cellar. Of course we are helped by friends who bring delicious desserts, nibbles, naan and cheeses, not to mention wines and gifts. Thanks to support and help from friends the evening runs smoothly; aperitifs are handed out, plates collected, dishwashers stacked, and special thanks to Elizabeth and Jean for this, and for coming early to make sure we were ready. This year I even managed to get the quantities of rice and Bombay potato about right - last years mountain would have fed a hungry army!! Unfortunately I didn't manage to take any photographs of the evening or food which are worth posting. Next year Simon has promised to bring a 'man's curry'. Watch have been warned!!

The following evening found us at the trough again at a Fondue Savoyard at Le Bon Coin. Our table of 17 was an eclectic mix of French, Dutch and Brits. Again good food, wines and conversation flowed.

So, I'm signing off at Le Pré Vert until 2016, although hopefully, between now and then, I'll sign in from wherever our travels take us...


  1. Lovely photos Gaynor. Yes the weather has been amazing. Presumably you will have Christmas in the UK. We will be there for two weeks staying with FIL. Keep well Diane x

  2. What a perfect time you have had! England has been rather grim of late -- lots of grey skies and rain and of course the nights are drawing in. Longing for the return of summer and lounging around in France!!

  3. Another fab trip for you and a super Curry night. You have many lovely friends and memories. take care Anne x

  4. Please don't take all of this lovely weather back with you...
    leave a little in the valley for us and N&A please...
    safe journey back!

    1. That should have read T'otherTim and, of course, Pauline....

  5. Beautiful photos.
    They remind me of one of the many reasons why we are here and make me feel ever so slightly nostalgic for our little village house.
    Leaving in lovely weather and autumn colours is the best way to remember your lovely home and spur you on to your return next spring!

  6. Sounds like you've had a good send-off. Enjoy your time in the UK x

  7. You have clearly had a lovely year, and leaving France with your curry night sounds perfect. Great photos. Jx