Thursday, 10 December 2015

Busy, busy...

My inactivity on Blogger over recent weeks and months could indicate one of two things; either that I have nothing interesting to write about (since when has that ever stopped me!) or that I am so busy that there isn't time to write!
In reality it is a 'Bob' or a bit of both. Also, the immediacy of Facebook means that I can keep up to date via my telephone or tablet in a way that is difficult to achieve via the Blogger app on my iPad.
This week we've been in Cranfield and London. More about London later, but first check out some of the decor in our hotel near Cranfield...

Most of this happened in the SAME room. Busy, busy!!

Must go as I'm off to Harrods... 


  1. Busy is the right word for that décor, don't think I could live with that for too long :-( Take care Diane

  2. I used to hate tartan carpet but used sparingly with some contemporary decor, I quite like it now. I'd say that room is designed to stop us drinking to excess. We'd be too scared of what we'd wake up to.

  3. Very busy!
    But I quite like it!

  4. I think its great that someone can be so bold with all those patterns. Not my cup of tea but good fun x