Wednesday, 12 January 2011

La Petite Presse

Well, this is a first, something I vowed I would never do! Blogging.......
Not because I can't, but because I thought my life would never be interesting enough for anyone else to take the time to read. I'm still not convinced, but I thought I would give it a try anyway.

I think I was wrong to imply that I would be able to cope with this blogging lark because already I have failed to be able to
  • insert a photograph
  • change my profile photo from black to colour
  • update my profile
  • think of ANYTHING interesting to write
I think my blog will likely include snippets from my life past, present and future. I'll post about my family, my work and home life ,both in the UK and in France. As the saying goes, 'some names will be changed to protect the innocent'!

As a scientist prose doesn't flow easily, as I spend most of my life writing in 'bullet points', but I'll try not to let Mr Ashcroft and Ma Lewis (my old English teachers from 40+ years ago) down too much.

Well that's all for now.....I have a blogging manual to find and read after all!


  1. Welcome---one teacher to another!
    We only started in November and I took some persuading! Never thought that what happens to us or mundane things we do would be of the slightest interest to others....and it looks like I was kind of wrong as people seemingly do enjoy what we blog about.

  2. This is a real shock to me because I didn't think I had 'published' the blog! I was only playing around one evening (doing anything but the marking I should have been doing) and wondered how Blogger worked.

    I hadn't given any thought to the name either because I'm pretty sure the French is incorrect - should it be La Petite Presse? If so it isn't really what I want.
    Maybe I am over-analysing, but if Mr Gove and OFSTED are reading I wouldn't want to be judged as yet another incompetent teacher!!

  3. presse is feminine so yes technically it should be 'la petite presse'

    as for publishing--3 times I've been drafting a post only to be caught out by hitting a wrong key on my laptop which meant the it was 'published' while I was still writing....