Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wikipedia, but with SOUL!

This is the new beginning of the blog that was never meant to be. A few days ago I was 'experimenting' with blogger, and as a scientist all good experiments contain some practical work, and (if my pupils are to be believed) a BUNSEN BURNER! My practical was to write a trial blog, which somehow got published. In fact I didn't even realise that it was published until Antoinette made a comment.

So it looks like the blog is here to stay, and I need to think of some interesting (I hope) things to write about, and get cracking with the camera. Initially it will be  l'hebdo.........ish.

So, what is in a name? I think the answer must be everything and nothing!

Still with this in mind, I have decided that the blog name should at least be correct French, and have changed the name.

Over the last year it has been a privilege and enjoyment to read a lot of really interesting, informative and thought provoking posts about fascinating topics. I now know more about the history of the Touraine, its pretty villages, flora, fauna and culture. I have picked up recipes for delicious dishes, have a long list of restaurants to visit and wines to taste.  I am more aware of social etiquette and reputable tradesmen, I certainly know that there are many forms of Perdrix, but not a Perdrix Blanche. I have tried out a few delicious recipes, and if I had a dog, could find my way around the pet passport system. I've learned more about the lives of those who have chosen to make the region their permanent home and others, who like me, have a more occasional residence. It has truly been and education.

All that is lacking is a bit more time at home in Le Petit-Pressigny to explore this part of France, and experience all that it has to offer.

So a big thank you to everyone who has helped with all of this by writing so well. Your love and enthusiasm for this beautiful area burns brightly. Long may it continue!

So to sum up and pay tribute to all  (and you may be able to recognise yourselves) it is a bit like Wikipedia, but with SOUL.

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