Sunday, 30 January 2011

Then and now..........or now and then? did I get here? Not really a philosophical question, more a record of events leading me to where I am today.

The 'town clock'  courtesy of Google images.
It was built in 1858, the same year as our house.

My life started in the mid 1950's in Welsh Valleys, an area that with the closure of the coal mines was already beginning to decline. This decline hastened  further with the demise of the steel industry. My parents were happy that I should have opportunities, that in the post war period, were not open to them. So off I went to university and eventually ended up in the Midlands as a science teacher.

I met my husband on my first day in my first teaching job - he says he had his eye on me since my interview day! To cut a very long story short, we found ourselves a few years later with two wonderful children restoring and converting a Victorian school into our home.

On a good day, I love my teaching job (liking young people helps!) and can't imagine doing anything else. Still all good things must come to an end, so about ten years ago we started forward planning for retirement.

We knew that we loved mountains, skiing and wanted to spend more time in France. With this in mind we bought an apartment in a beautiful alpine village in the Haute Savoie overlooking Evian les Bains and Lac Leman. We had six wonderful years exploring the area but for retirement wanted something larger with more outside space. We found this very difficult to afford in the Alpes and quite by chance found a lovely village in the Touraine Sud which captured our hearts. It was a wrench to sell up in the mountains, but hopefully the right decision.
So this is how we ended up at Le Petit Pressigny..... not an old house this time, but hopefully one which will give us something to do when we eventually retire.
L'eglise Saint Pierre

Chez nous!

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  1. Hi Gaynor - I don't know how I found you but I did !!
    Welcome to blogland. You've made a good start - looking forward to pressure.... !!