Saturday, 12 March 2011

The first 500.....

I've just clocked 500 views; half way to 1000 .

Now I know some of you out there are in the thousands, hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions, but I've made a start!


  1. Sorry did not check my spelling!!
    Well done, when I finally had 50 followers I was so excited, this took almost a year, then the next 50 happened in a couple of months........
    When I first married Nigel the only cheese he would eat was brie or cheddar, now he eats pretty much everything, even stilton which I was never even allowed to have in the fridge because of the smell LOL. I am more that surprised that his favourite is now Fourme d'ambert but there you have it. I have still not convinced him about goats cheese but we will get there :-)
    Enjoy your trip to France. Diane

  2. Hey well done! We're still continually (pleasantly) astonished that people seem to enjoy what we post and got very excited when we hit 1,000 (currently at 1,400)not long ago.

  3. Just catching up and it's 562 now !!
    I remember that excitement......keep up the good work.