Friday, 18 March 2011

Who lives in a house like this...............?

Although we’ve owned our house in Le Petit-Pressigny for just over a year, we've only spent about 6 weeks there, which means that we are only just beginning to find our way around and meet our neighbours.

One of our neighbours, who helps to run the Boulangerie,  told us about the  small walking group which meets every Wednesday evening (times change according to season).

We’ve only managed to fit in a couple of walks, and both times the route was the same, lasting just under an hour. The group are a mix of very friendly French, Dutch and English residents.

The walk passes near a lovely house, perhaps it is a chateau,  in a hamlet which I think is called Les Bordes, just off the D103 to Charnizay.

Does anyone else remember a television programme from a few years ago, where David Frost (of TW3 and Frost Nixon fame), used to say "who lives in a house like this"?

We couldn't quite get close enough to get clearer photographs, which is perhaps just as well, as it is someones home.

We are in the process of buying (downloaded the Which reports) a digital SLR camera - any advice or recommendations?


  1. I am glad I usually can escape for the whole of summer, 6 weeks in a year does not sound very much! I just hope that N can get out of the UK ASAP and we can leave England behind. I have a very cheap digital from Tesco which is not bad but I am sad I have no close up and macro!! Diane

  2. We've stopped the car to have a look from the road--it's a lovely house.
    As for digital SLR cameras--I've been looking for one for a while and have the Canon EOS 500D on my wish list... Still have my film Canon EOS which I loved to use in the old days.

  3. Les Bordes gives me serious chateau envy - something that rarely affects me. They do chambre d'hote, so you could book yourself in for the full experience...

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    An evening walking group sounds like a good idea. It is a pity that there are not many places to walk to around here, otherwise I might think about starting one.

  5. Diane - You take some amazing photographs with your camera, so the ability to take a good photograph is probably as much 'in the eye' as 'in the camera'.

    Antoinette - Like you we still have a Canon EOS with a wide assortment of lenses, stashed in a cupboard somewhere. We have only just started looking, but we have been pleased with the Canon cameras we've had in the past.

    Susan - if only we'd known about the chambre d'hote when our sale was going through and we needed somewhere to stay.......

    Cheshire Wife - please to 'meet' you!

  6. Gaynor, if you have a Canon EOS and the old lenses, STICK with Canon! The older lenses are compatible and the cameras work well in Manual.
    My brother uses a Canon 5DII and his pictures are superb.
    As for seeing what a camera will do, enter the ones you are looking at, individually, in the search engine on flickr. That will bring up photos taken by that camera... a very good way of seeing what the equipment will do. If you then look at the EXIF info [the digitally embedded data with each picture] it usually tells you which lens was used, along with other stuff... if no lens is mentioned, then the person was using an older lens with no feedback... usually a manual focus lens.
    I'll send you a link to my brother's flickr site when I answer your recent email [in the next twenty or so mins!]