Saturday, 5 November 2011

Another sitting tenant ..........

........... or am I just seeing things?


  1. A "Little Rock Owl" no less.... very rare and well observed!!

    W/V is "sking".... just one 'eye' short of the real thing ;-)

  2. A ghostly owl, how apt for the Halloween season!

  3. All,

    I didn't notice this until looking at the pics after posting about the barn owl. This was taken the same evening in a niche in the barn.

    It almost looks half owl and half cat. I wonder what the name of such a mythical creature would be?

    Tim, the way we ski at our advanced age is just about one 'i' short - if we are lucky! We haven't skied since our move to LP-P, but will be checking out our ski legs and eyes at Christmas.

    Mandy, I hadn't thought about the barn being haunted.

    I wonder whether I should tell George and Annie? Maybe not ......

  4. My first idea was a cat. But that's probably because I love cats. Then it looked like an owl. But finally I've come to the conclusion that it's just a rock. No cat or owl would sit by a lighted candle having its picture taken, or would it? :)Martine

    VW is 'stalmens' which is Flemish/Dutch for someone living in a barn. How appropriate!