Friday, 18 November 2011

Do you ever wish that you were young again?

Some of you have been enquiring as to how Tom is getting on in Boulder, Colorado.

Well...... he is having an absolutely amazing time if his Facebook page is anything to go by! Tom is just managing to fit his study in around his social engagements (or so he assures us) which is no mean feat! He is also enjoying all that his little bit of the USA has to offer. The first snows came at the end of October, so getting a ski pass organised has been a priority.

A few weeks ago he flew to San Francisco for the weekend and posted this photograph. He tells me that he has shaved since - and skype confirms it!

Thanksgiving takes him on a road trip to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and California again. For Christmas he plans to travel to Florida, North Carolina, New York, Boston and Chicago!

Do you ever wish that you were young again? With everything that going on in the world I'm not all that sure that I do .................
I needed some music for my virtual jukebox which I've narrowed down to a choice of five :–

  • Californication Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • California Joni Mitchell
  • California Dreamin Mammas and Papas and
  • San Francisco Scott McKenzie
  • Or this .........

Which would you pick?


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    To be in our twenties again, no thank you but to return to our forties with,of course, what we know now would be quite fun.

    Tom is certainly seeing the sights that dazzle and why not!!

  2. Jane and Lance,

    Although I wish I'd had the opportunity to travel and study in the US I'm hoping that, for me, 'the best is yet to come' .....

  3. Scott Mckenzie, definitely! I was ten when this song was a hit and although didn't speak English at the time, I was fascinated by the words:) The thought of wearing flowers in my hair seemed so romantic. Martine

  4. Wow your son is certainly seeing a lot of the USA. And have time to study too?! Great for him, just wonderful.

  5. What a whale of a time he is having!

    Such a contrast to my student days. I remember standing in the supermarket trying to choose between soap powder and chocolate biscuits because I couldn't afford both. I jointly bought a dress from C&A with a friend and we took turns to wear it !!

    Not that I am complaining - nobody had any money in those days for skiing and suchlike.

    Today's youngsters are benefitting from the hard work and thrifty ways of their parents, I think. I wonder if they will be fortunate enough to get the opportunities that enable them to pass the same things on to their own children.

  6. PS I forgot to add, I'm with Martine - Scott McKenzie, definitely !!

  7. Jean, Martime and Jane,

    At one time I think Scott McKenzie would have been my automatic choice. Now I'm not so sure ..... I love some of the Red Hot Chillies music but hate the rest. I also enjoy Rufus, so a bit of a dilemma!

    You're right Jean,Tom is fortunate but the lovely thing about him (well I am lucky enough to be his Mum :o)) is that he knows it, and doesn't ever take anything for granted.

    I can see youngsters struggling with mortgages for much longer than we did, and also their retirement - if it ever comes- will be less secure.

  8. No, I don't wish to be young again -- just to have the physical stamina and attributes! Glad to hear your son is making the most of his time in the States!

  9. So pleased he is doing well. What did we do before the days of Skype??? Take care Diane

  10. Thanks Diane,

    I expect we would have spent much, much more money on mobile phone calls!

  11. I am not sure at what age I would like to have stopped still but not the teens or twenties!

  12. LindyLoumac,

    I'm still hoping that the best is yet to come ......

  13. Since I was school age in the 60's that seemed like a very scary time to me. More social unrest than now even; at least in the USA. I would love to a young body, but be where I am today. I like having finished by teaching career and having grandchildren.