Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hope it tastes better than it looks ....

Rhiannon reached the ripe old age of 26 yesterday, and I've just worked out that in three years time she will be half my age!

Rhiannon and Tom together in August

While Rhiannon partied with her friends, we were invited to a delicious supper with our friends John and Maureen,  back in the UK for the winter. We celebrated Rhiannon's birthday, at a distance, with glass or two of sparkles. Tom, in Boulder, raised a glass of Keystone Light.
Rhiannon will be visiting us later so I've baked a cake, which hasn't quite turned out as planned ... 

A large hole in the centre … which I filled with lemon curd … then remembered that it is Tom, not Rhiannon, who would kill for lemon curd!! Just where is Tom when you need him to eat a cake?

So I decided to cover the lemon curd with chocolate, which didn't really work either...

Then vanilla frosting …

If the chocolate ever hardens it will be covered with frosting as well.

In future it might be better to commission a virtual cake from Jean at Baking in Franglais ...


  1. Actually Gaynor, it looks lovely. A chocolate lemon surprise cake - yum !!
    Put the kettle on, I'll just get my coat.......!!

  2. I bet it was scrummy - all the flavours should work well together. Very brave and funny of you to document the desperate attempts at cake salvage - we've all been there :-)

  3. That is the sort of thing that turns out delicious and you would never be able to make it quite the same the second time :) Enjoy. Diane

  4. Looks mighty tasty to me. Congratulations for originality and successful camouflage!

  5. Lemon curd and chocolate as well as icing--triple yum! Sounds like a very very tasty rescue to me! :-)

  6. Hi Jean,

    Chocolate, lemon surprise cake. I like the sound of that. Actually the cake tasted quite nice!

  7. Hi Susan,

    I've used all sorts of culinary salvage measures in my time, but normally do it behind closed doors!

  8. Hi Diane,

    You are probably right! I wouldn't go as far as delicious, but the cake was quite nice ...

  9. Broad,

    Thank you. If I'm not careful this praise will go to my head and I'll be engineering opportunities to put this new found talent into practice!

  10. Hi Antoinette,

    I didn't say (because I didn't want to look totally incompetent) but the only chocolate I had in the house was a bar of SuperU with whole hazelnuts.

    Another added flavour and texture, but also impossible to slice!! :o)

  11. Hello Gaynor:

    Well, they do say that it is the thought that counts, but we have to say that there seems to be some very strange thinking going on around this cake!!

    Whatever, Rhiannon looks absolutely lovely and we wish her a very Happy Birthday!!

  12. Jane and Lance,

    Thank you.

    I'd say the thinking was ratger muddled! I should have just covered the cake with the frosting and put some extra frosting in the hole. Next time ...

  13. A home made cake always taste good, no matter what it looks like.