Saturday, 14 January 2012

A wintery Saturday morning ...

Today we plan to decorate the landing area at the top of the stairs, so will be busy filling, sanding and painting. I don't mind the painting bit, providing it isn't too fiddly, but I detest the preparation work! It doesn't help when Tim keeps banging on about preparation being nine tenths (it doesn't look right written in words) of the job!!!

Last night there was a heavy frost, and at dawn, a beautiful red sky.

I wonder what the day will bring? Watch this space …


  1. Yes, it is frustrating -- it's the work at the beginning that you can't see at the end, the makes the end result worth the effort! I found this out in my early days as a seamstress and later in the renovation of of our 'updated' Victorian house. I spent hours and hours removing layers and layers of paint from the original archtraves and skirting boards and the staircase!! What a nightmare that staircase was!! But it was all worthwhile and I got to enjoy it in the end!

  2. Snap! We are starting to redecorate the kitchen this weekend.

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  4. Hi Broad,

    We haven't done any removing,just some rubbing down and painting over. It all looks so much cleaner and brighter and ready for the new carpet. However before the carpet comes there is the rest of the upstairs to do and that won't be as easy ...

  5. Cheshire wife,

    Good luck with the painting!

    I'm sure we should both have gone out and enjoyed the winter sun instead ...

  6. Hello Gaynor:
    Whilst we totally agree with your husband about the need for good preparation, we are with you on how tedious this part is. Far more interesting to get on with the painting and see a result for all your efforts.

    The sunsets in Brighton have been absolutely magical over the last few days and, coupled with the full moon, have had us glued to the skies!

    We look forward to seeing the finished results.

  7. Tim is so right, without all the preparation it is a waste of time and will need redoing again very soon. I also agree that it is by far the worst part, I hate sanding, filling and cleaning all the dust it makes. Painting is a piece of cake after all the hours put in under the paint! Keep up the good work:) Diane

  8. Jane, Lance and Diane,

    I know Tim is correct about the preparation bit but I still hate to do it! The landing is now finished so next weekend I'm moving on to the vestibule outside the office which won't be quite as fiddly. I'll do some photographs when the new carpet is laid.

    I didn't remember to take any before shots ...