Monday, 16 January 2012

Starry, starry night ...

Tim has been experimenting!
The experiment involved a camera, a tripod, a thick coat and a very cold, clear night.
Q.E D…


  1. Excellent, my little camera would never cope with that. I can imagine the thick coat was necessary! It is pretty chilly here this morning with a heavy frost, I am trying to pluck up the courage to go out and fill up the bird feeder and switch ice to water in the bird bath!!

  2. I am impressed to say the least I have tried on several occasions with my Canon 50D and the results are to say the least POOR... Any tips? Colin

    WV is nowee which you obviously nowee how to do it!

  3. Well done, Tim! What kind of camera did he use and what kind of setting? I've tried on many occasion and am only successful at capturing the moon! far...

  4. Diane,
    It has remained very cold all day here, although with such beautiful sunshine that I was able to take a class outside to measure shadow sticks.

  5. Colin and Elizabeth,
    This was Tim's first attempt and I'm pleased with how they turned out. As always, Tim thinks that he can do better! We have a Canon 60D which I think is pretty much exactly the same as your camera.
    I'll get him to do a blog post for me explaining how he did it.
    It's amazing that the camera picks up the lights of Stafford even though the glow can't be seen by the human eye.

  6. Broad,


    Just imagine that I am in the House of Commons and I'd say...

    "I'll refer the Honourable Lady to the answer I gave earlier"! ;0))

  7. WOW impressive captures! Hope you give it a go at Le P-P where you should have less light pollution.

  8. Impressive! I think that the essential piece of equipment was the tripod.

  9. Niall and Antoinette,

    We certainly will try it out in LP-P at Easter. There is definitely less light pollution there, but where we live in the UK is also dark. The camera picks up light that we weren't aware of!
    The sky seems more 'open' there too.

  10. Hi Cheshire Wife,

    Thanks. Methinks you are right about the tripod!

  11. Like the last one with the trees. Now he needs for a clear moonlit night

  12. Mandy,
    I like that one as well.

    Trouble with this photography lark is that he always seems to be 'another lens' away from a great shot, as in 'if I had such andd such a lens I could ...'.

    I just have my trusty point and click. What I currently need is the time to use it ...