Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Yesterday the farmer who works the fields behind Le Pré Vert (I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know his name) spent the day muck spreading. We had friends coming for dinner so were a bit worried that the whole house would stink of the muck!

In the early evening he started to plough, working until well after midnight! Sorry no pics.
He was back again at first light to continue ploughing the perimeter of the field.

I’ll let you know what he does next, but my guess is that he will be sowing …  


  1. Replies
    1. Probably due to all of the rose scented candles I lit to mask the smell of the muck and the curry!

  2. oooo, that blue sky looks good. J.

  3. Gaynor, he was sowing as everyone left last night. I'm wondering if he's trying to create a bare edge round what he's sown? It was definately a drill he had on the back last thing.
    Thanks for a wonderful evening.

  4. Hello Gaynor:
    Aaahhh the thrill of country living!!!!

  5. Cool photos!!
    Et aussi j`ai vous ai donnee le prix Liebster award !! :0)
    Visitee mon blog pour la prendre!! :0)

    Bonne semaine!!
    xxx Maria xxx


  6. Muck I did not mind...but slurry was something else.

    We used to reckon the man with ducks up the road had acquired a copy of our diary as he always seemed to spread it when we had friends coming over.
    He was supposed to cover it up right away....fat chance!