Sunday, 14 October 2012

Missed it..... again, but not the sunset!

Today is the annual L’Art et Lard festival in Le Petit-Pressigny. The festival is always held on the second weekend in October, but due to work commitments in the UK we’ve never been able to attend.

Our friends Susan and Simon, of Days on the Claise fame, have reported on the event which you can read  here and here.

I’ll be looking at their blog to check out this years event. Rumour has it that Colin and Elizabeth might be there as well - if Colin has managed to get down off his roof!

The weather forecast isn’t good, so let's hope rain doesn’t spoil the event.

Just to show you that life here in Staffordshire can also be pretty good, here are a couple of sunsets Tim took on Cannock Chase.

 In our little corner of Staffordshire it's a beautiful autumn morning, with a cloudless sky and sunshine. The weather box on the side bar shows almost exactly the view from my back garden - our view is more undulating. I sent Tim out to take a photograph. He came back with this...  

Maisie and Lucy soaking up the sun!


  1. Sorry you missed the festival. There is lots around at the moment but the weather has been keeping us at home. The last two days we have had almost continuous rain.
    Those sunsets are amazing. Take care Diane

  2. Thanks, Diane.

    It's a shame as by all accounts the festival is excellent, with exhibitions all over the village.

    If I'm still working next year I'll try to get Monday as my day off. It would then be possible to visit for a weekend. Busy, but worth it - if it doesn't rain!

  3. Up until an hour ago.... you'd've missed nothing!
    It has been wellying it down!
    28 and one whole half millimetres of rain...
    not that the half makes much difference.
    The staff are about to head down the road towards yours to see if Le Petit Pressigny is still there...
    they'll'll report back later...
    I'm trapped in here with my brother and 'that other cat'.

    1. Hi Ron Ron,
      I'm sure the place is a bit more peaceful without the staff around. Just make sure your bowls are refilled before they leave!

      Thay's a lot of rain. Apparently the rain washed a tile off our roof...

    2. At 23:30 Pressignoise time... the machine was still recording 27.9mm.... so almost all of it fell today.
      The bief is coffee coloured and high... and they had to open all the sluices at your end of the road... Martin and Denise[#] were there with the Strulch stall... and apparently made sales in the morning despite the terrible rain. We spent a couple of hours there, before hurtling back to avoid more rain and to transfer dough to the baking tin... before heading back for another few visits.
      It was a good show... but how many people saw the ephemeral art around the etang I am not sure... but the pictures will be up on flickr during the week.
      There was, as usual, some 'art' that would have best been left in the studio... or, in some cases, the dustbin... and, on the otherhand, there were incredibubble illuminations and miniatures on parchment by a lady from Ligueil... the parchment included an eel-skin which, as a result of its presentation, looked like a medieval pennant.
      Colin and Elizabeth made it... but got drenched when the heavens opened... they were by the bench at the far end of the etang park at the time. [And they had Nick and Jean's brollies, too!]
      #[Denise has a couple of cracked ribs after a slip on some steps at a clients... thought you'd like to know]

    3. Oh yes... and when we got back the cats were luxuriating on the settee and in Pauline's favourite chair... so despite the 'puter being off, Ron-Ron obviously 'read'your comment!!

  4. I've just missed a lovely crafts festival in Granada which I meant to go to last year - must put it in my diary for next year! Sometimes, other things just get in the way, don't they? And I do so agree that you managed to see a beautiful sky at home - really glorious - and Tim took a good one, not what you expected but good all the same!

  5. sorry you missed your arts festival . next time. I absolutely love the second sunset photo , it is amazing. :-)

  6. Thanks Annie and Anne,
    By all accounts it was a bit of a washout which is a shame after the effort to set up. Still one day it will be glorious and we'll be there to take advantage of it.