Monday, 29 October 2012

Good advice ...

Earlier this year Colin and Elizabeth came for lunch. .
As they are much more knowledgeable and experienced gardeners than we are we picked their brains about our pampas grass. You can read the original post here.
We followed the advice (apart from the bit about setting it on fire!) and six months on you can the result…

Good advice...


  1. The Staff and Staffette thought that the Pampas grasses looked nice when they broke down at yours yesterday. Wecats don't really like fires... unless they are behind cages and we can lie safely in front of them... but you have nice white walls which would need to be pressure washed after you'd burnt the grasses... now if there is something Wecats really don't like it is water!!

  2. I remember Colin & Elizabeth's post last year, and was hopeful that my pampas would respond to the heavy handed treatment. I, too, didn't set things alight....maybe I should have done, as it did not survive the -12 degrees of last February in the Languedoc. It died, along with my palm and 3 beautiful mimosa trees. The mimosa has re sprouted, but nothing else....Oh well, glad yours' is looks great Jx

  3. Hello Gaynor:
    We are not surprised to see your Pampas Grass looking in such good shape as C & E's advice was exactly how we used to keep our own in control in our Herefordshire garden. It certainly worked for us and now also seems to have done for you. Bravo!

  4. We burnt ours down last year and it looks great this year. Have a good week Diane

  5. Must away to read the advice, but that pampas grass is sure looking good! Axxx

  6. We are glad it all worked out fine. The one we burnt last year has no flowers this year.. but then again it is its last year as it is. The middle is now a barren waste So it will be getting the pick axe treatment...

    1. I'm intrigued! What is the pick-axe treatment?