Thursday, 15 November 2012


1970’s school + flat roof + laboratory with 4 skylights, 2 roof fans and an air con unit + workmen hammering and banging for two weeks to fix said roof + fumes + pupils + learning to be done + shouting (not to mention tuneless singing) by said workmen



  1. I know that feeling but prefer tutoring now in my own home where it's so nice and quiet except for the murmuring of 2 brains working together! :D

    1. Sounds like heaven to me :o)

      Perhaps today will be different...

  2. Why couldn't this work be done during the Summer holidays... I nearly lost an arm courtesy of the 'menders' who came to fix our concave* Strammit Board lab roof... hot asphalt started to pour through beside my bench... fortunately the first drips landed on my labcoat sleeve and I moved rapidly to the sink to squelch the burn... that was followed by a bucket load that landed full square on the microscope that I was cleaning!
    *So concave that the seagulls used to swim on it!!

  3. Hello Gaynor:
    This sounds to be absolutely dreadful. How, indeed, are you expected to teach under such conditions?

    We leave shortly for a watery Venice and so will be without the internet for a while. We will catch up on our return. Meanwhile, good luck with it all!!

  4. I also had to work under similar conditions for a few weeks while we had repairs to our roof at work - not a flat roof but a hundred-year-old pointy one with Dutch gables and lots of leaking gulleys. The worst was the two days it took them to put up and take down the scaffolding. So I sympathise.

    Roll on end of term, eh.....!!

  5. Good Lord! I agree -- why aren't repairs like this done when school is not in session... Hope things improve today!

  6. Oh so NOT fun!! Removations while you're working in any workplace is a huge pain but add a class of 25 odd teenagers and it moves up a whole new gear!
    Have you been wearing your "Lion tamers are us" badge??
    Our sympathies - we've been there.

  7. You have my sympathy! This equation brought back my lower sixth year when we too were accompanied through our studies with similar noise and disruption. Not good for teachers or students. Axxx

  8. And another one asking why it wasn't done in the holidays...

    From what I recall of my last headmistress....many years ago....the workmen would have been off that roof in double quick time while the LEA's works department would have been blown backwards bow legged, but those were the days when teaching staff actually counted for something in the education system.

    What a horrible situation in which both to teach and to learn...

  9. Great minds think alike. Why was the work not done in the holidays? It was half term only a couple of weeks ago.

  10. That sounds terrible. They should do the work at night or during the week-ends, but I guess it’s not within the regulation of the “syndicat.”