Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Google Chrome with a winter walk…

The problems I’ve been having uploading photographs seem to have two solutions. Jean suggested Windows Live Writer which works well and Kathy suggested using Google Chrome as my browser. Initial forays suggest that this works so I’ve decided to try this post with Chrome. I used Word to write the post which was then copied and pasted into Blogger. For some reason Blogger won't paste the text in my chosen font (comic sans) through Chrome but it will through IE. I'm going to publish anyway...

It won’t be a long post today as I start work at 11.15, which is a bit of a pain. Not work, as such, but starting at 11.15! My preference would always be to start early and finish early.

Over the weekend my Tuesday walking group decided to organise a Sunday walk, followed by lunch, and to invite our spouses along to pick up the bills! Although the rain held off it was VERY muddy in places. Everyone finished the walk up to their ankles in mud and some of us up to our knees. Except Tim, who, apart from some mud on his boots, finished the walk in almost pristine condition!

Tim liked this sign.

We walked through the Sandon Estate which is used to over-winter sheep from the hills of Staffordshire and Derbyshire. The sheep-proof fences and stiles made life very difficult for Phoebe!

Two states of bird – I wonder what happened? 

Final thoughts:

The pics are easier to move around in Chrome but I wonder why this bit of the text has pasted in the correct font but the earlier text wouldn't? I've tried re-pasting. I've even tried re-pasting this higher up but the font changes. Any ideas?

Overall I think Windows Live Writer is easier and I can get the font I want. 

I wonder what it will be like if I use WLW with Chrome?

Watch this space ...


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    We do admire your spirit of adventure in wading through the mud. For our own part, we rather think that we should have, naughtily, skipped the walk and waited it out in the pub until lunchtime!!!!

    We have absolutely no advice to give or ideas to suggest about the technological vagaries of blogging. We are always relieved to see something pop up when we post!!!

    Wishing you a happy and mud free 2013!!!

    1. Good to have you back, Jane and Lance. I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year

  2. A squelch, not a walk, methinks! As for the technical stuff...I should know and I should care but I've so lost interest in trying to understand these things that I take the line of least resistance. As I type, my DH is muttering as he tries to fix our ancient laptop - I'd just bin in - it will never be right again. Good on you for persevering. Axxx

    1. I'm beginning to think that I'm better at preserving than I am at persevering!!

  3. I am having problems with blogger too,and I use Internet Explorer,and I have also started to use Windows Live Writer again :-) ..

    Love the photos and the walk. I have just text my friend to say we must start our walks again!!

    1. I love my walks.

      I'm beginning to think that WLW is definitely the way to go. Either that or mad...

  4. Looking at the picture of Tim... he's very carefully treading in other peoples footsteps... therefore treading on hard ground... everyone else has squished the mud out of the way!!

    I've not used Chrome, or Safari as a net interface... although I have both on this machine so that I can check out web pages in varicose browsers... but Comic Sans is not a recognised web friendly font, although most people have it on their machines and it will then show as such.
    But apart from the early postings, I've always seen the whole of yours in the font you chose for the profile and the sidebars, Cherry Cream Soda"... is it just that the template you use has a poorly written section that confuses the fonts... the bit in Comic Sans from "two states of boidy" onwards...

    I've looked at the HTML and cannot find where in the font descriptions it says "Comic Sans"... everything is for "Cherry Cream Soda" and the bit that is in Comic Sans is coded that for every line that is!!

    1. Curiouser and curiouser!

      I didn't realise that everyone else didn't see my blog in comic sans. I know the heading and side bar is cherry crean soda but I thought the body text was comic sans. I think I'll do a complete overhaul when I get some time.

      Thanks for sticking with me on this. I've now realised that if I write the blog using Chrome as the browser it won't let me comment if I open the blog in IE.

      The more I learn the less I understand.

      A few months ago Simon was railing against blogger. At that time I thought all was hunky dory and couldn't understand his frustration. Now I do!

      For me WLW is possibly my best way forward.

    2. Use Firefox as your browser!
      We aren't having any problems....
      cynical old me thinks that there might be a "war" going on between Macrosloppy and Goggle...
      we've had a lot of Windoes Updates for ExPee recently...
      I don't think that it is necessarily the fault of Blogga [a Google product] despite problems that people seem to be having...
      I changed us to Firefox on all machines when IiiEEE kept falling over!

  5. Oh... the dead boid looks like a ceased Pheas'nt... probably fox... and I cannot for the life of me understand why people have white Peacocks... all the squawk and no colour!!
    Apparently they taste good... hey Foxy... nice white peacock... come and get it!!

  6. Gaynor I have been through Internet Explorer and Firefox and now I use nothing but Google Chrome. I have got used to it now, and I find it better for everything. Also if I change computers all my favourites and modifications I have made remain saved so I do not loose anything.

    As for changing the font to what you want, if you block the writing and then go to clear formatting you can then change it back to what ever you want. Good luck. Diane

  7. Now that's what I call a muddy walk!!

  8. That's a serious amount of mud! :-)

    I use Firefox and have had no problems. Mostly I write straight in blogger but occasionally in Open Office doc [don't use Word] and then cut and paste it all in.

  9. Gaynor... at the moment [22:04hrs G&PP time] the whole blog is in Comic Sans... including the widgets and the comments... thought you'd like to know. It all looks much neater...

  10. Wierd... I posted that comment and the whole thing re-appeared in... Cheery Scream Soda!!!
    Very odd...

  11. Oh the complications of it all. I am still using IE....but having to load photos onto a Picassa web page before adding them to my blog.....but then adding them becomes much quicker than the way I did it before.
    The walk looked fun...and I guess some of that squelchiness will have gone now as the temperature has fallen. Jx

  12. You are all pretty courageous to walk in so much mud, but as long as you have a good time… I use Firefox and had no problem apart from the font. My daughter told me the reason was that I was copying my text from a document. Once I started writing the text directly on Blogger, on the draft, using Firefox, I no longer had problems with the font. My daughter prefers using Chrome but I am used to Firefox.