Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sculpture 3…

Following Jean's advice I’m trying this blog post using Windows Live Writer in a bid to get blogger to upload my photographs. We’ll see how it turns out…


This was a sculpture of the human kind. The man was real, all dressed and made up in gold. He gave me a real fright when he moved as I wasn't expecting it!

Well it seems to have worked, but I've had to play about with font size etc and can't remember exactly how I did it. Still I think it may just be a case of getting used to doing things differently. I was looking to update my template as it will soon be my two year blogaversary, but I won't push my luck and stick to one change at a time! How old do I sound!!
Success! Thanks, Jean.


  1. Given the way the technology is changing at the moment... not yet twenty!!
    You are really only as old as you feel... translittereighty'd that means in a damp Winter... you feel really ancient... in a dry, warm Spring... you feel rejuvenated... in a hot Summer... you feel full of youth... and in an Indian Summer of an Autumn... you feel mellow-yellow [it's the saffron, y'know!!]
    And always remember... never act your age... act your English shoe size...................

    1. Thanks, Tim.
      You’ve really cheered me up.
      And my age….. almost 7!
      Best wishes.

  2. Congratulations!
    Stick with it, it's just a matter of getting used to a new way of doing things. It took me a few postings to get the hang of it but I now find it quick and easy and, above all, it never comes up with nasty surprises as you're working outside the clutches of Blogger until you hit the publish button.
    I once made the mistake of trying to change a post ever so slightly using the quick editing buttons on the post. To my total dismay, it ruined it - Blogger changed all the spacings and it looked a huge mess. So if you want to change anything after posting, go back to the post in Live Writer and do it there, then publish again - your changes appear perfectly and everything else stays the same.

    1. Thanks, Jean. I will stick with it. I'll also remember the advice about editing.