Friday, 4 January 2013


.... of the human kind.

Wot no picture?

Does anyone know why Blogger isn't giving me the 'browse' box to enable me to upload a pic?


  1. Have you reached your "quota" of space? In which case you will have to invite yourself to start contributing [like Ken did to himself in 2010]... "Restless" just had the same problem and I pointed her to Ken as well... drop him a line via his profile.
    And for this weekend... do what I've just suggested to Jean... Cook a French meal and open a bottle of Touraine rosé!!
    And above all... keep well!

  2. I don't think I've reached my quota of space. I've already bought extra space but there hasn't been a reminder to buy more. The browse box allowing me to search for the pics i would like to upload just doesn't come up. I haven't had this problem before.

    A lasagne already planned for this eve but I can do some Touraine bubbles. Except that my bout of flu has really taken away my apetite for anything alcoholic.

    Perhaps that's a good thing...

  3. Gaynor, Same problem here. The browse box doesn't open. Must be one of their updates that failed. Often have the same problem at work when I have to update our company's website after they've launched a new release (not on blogger, mind you) ... but although IT platforms have been designed by humans, computers sometimes seem to have a mind of their own. They say that patience is a virtue ... especially when IT is involved (that last bit is mine :)). Take care. Martine

    1. Hi Martine,
      Thanks for the info.
      I'm glad that it isn't just me, but hope the problem will be resolved, for both of us, soon.

  4. I'm not having this problem...

  5. I cant load pics either at the moment.... will try again tomorrow ! Jx

  6. I have not posted since last week – I hope it will work next time. I love your pictures in the snow – such lovely landscape. Am sending you my best wishes for a great 2013 with much happiness, good health and many laughs!

  7. I haven't had any problems either. Is it working again?