Thursday, 22 August 2013

Good things come…

… to those who toil.

Beber and Simone, our neighbours mentioned that the bief that runs along the bottom of our garden was looking dirty. On further questioning it became clear that it was our responsibility, whether real or assumed, to keep the banks of the bief clear. Looking back we remembered that when we bought Le Pre Vert in 2009 you could see the bief from the garden. However, in 2013 we couldn’t. We hadn’t realised that we should do this so at 9am the following morning we set to!!


Tim cut and chopped and I carried. By 2pm we’d cleared about three quarters but were suffering from nettle stings, bramble scraggs, insect bites and heatstroke. We weren’t exactly dressed for the job – shorts, t-shirts, no socks but we did wear gloves.

So less than an hour, and a hunk of bread and cheese later we were feeling very sorry for ourselves when Claudette arrived. Of course she brought Simon and Susan with her and they suggested a photoshoot for the 1956 lady. Assuming they meant me, I brushed my hair and donned my new best dress!




We had a wonderful time riding in style looking for some stunning backdrops for the elegant lady.She certainly turned some heads as Simon parked her at Le Grand Pressigny and La Guerche. Susan and Simon are used to the local interest as people want to know more about Claudette.

IMG_7695 The moon at 7am.

Our stings and scraggs were soon forgotten - until 7am the next morning. We’d decided to make an early start to complete the work on the bief.




This morning when we collected our bread Simone praised us for our excellent work.

Clearing the bief is another job to be added to our list of must do’s when we visit.

Did I mention that we’re on holiday?


  1. At least Simone noticed, after giving you the heavy hint!

    The old guy in the photo with me told me the first time he ever visited Le Grand Pressigny was in 1955, in a pre-war Traction Avant.

  2. Wow, that was a lot of hard work, the before and after pics are quite astonishing. Claudette is gorgeous, a real treat after all that hard work.

  3. Having a hard time deciding whether to feel for you ... or to envy you!! :)) You did a great job on the bief (congratulations!) and certainly deserved a classy outing with Claudette, Susan and Simon. Sorry to hear you weren't the 'main subject' of the photo shoot (lol); Enjoy your stay in LPP. Martine

  4. Gosh that was a prickly job to tackle!! Impressive results though! How nice of Claudette to take pity on you ;-)

  5. So it was you aboard the vehicle that swept past with horn blaring! Excellent recompense for your hard work. P.

  6. Love the H & S gear Tim. Looks like a great job done...

  7. You did do a great job, both of you! And yes, it looks a lot of hard work to have do when on holiday but definitely worth it.
    What a stunning car! She's a dream - I'd so love to have a turn around the streets in her!.

  8. Hope all the scratches and stings are now forgotten and that you are enjoying the new view and the holiday. Have a good weekend, Diane