Friday, 16 August 2013

The final hurdle…

We were finally ready to set out for France. Tom safely in Japan, and I’d like to say that Rhiannon’s house renovations are complete but that wouldn’t be completely true! Just the kitchen wall tiling remains to be done. The house is, however, looking fantastic. When the renovations are complete I’ll show some of Rhiannon’s before and after pics.

As ever, the final hurdle is always the journey to the shuttle. As Tim still works we are limited to timings as we try to fit in the journey to Folkestone after work so that it doesn’t eat into his leave allocation.


Yesterday the M25 was a nightmare and we arrived 20 minutes late for our 7.20 check in. The next available shuttle was at 11.19! I queued at customer service but the man was so rude to the mild mannered French man in front of me that I didn’t bother asking! The customer service man kept berating him in a very rude and condescending way that the shuttle was very busy and that queues were to be expected. Actually there were no more than about 100 cars in the car park and the terminal was almost deserted! I couldn’t see the logic.


Tim went back but there wasn’t any changing the times so we settled ourselves for a long wait.

Gadget man, (aka IT support) played with my new i-pad and I took myself off to what used to be duty free. I didn’t have any intention of buying but I did smother my face, eyes, neck, hands and forearms with the most expensive beauty potions I could find. My face was treated to potion after potion and I must say it felt good.





However, although I can’t be certain which potion was best, I fear that it might be this one…



Luckily for you I didn’t take any before and after pics of my face! Next time I’m delayed at the shuttle I might just take a little pot to put my free sample in.

As bad luck would have it (or Sod’s law) our 11.19pm shuttle was late. We finally arrived at the Ibis at Coquelles at 1.30 am (French time) and any benefit from the face potions had long since worn off…


  1. Lordy what a nightmare! Gald you've arrived safely and can relax-- the weather's perfect right now :-)

  2. Oh dear ... you must really love France to go through all that ... I'm not sure I could. Ok, maybe once, but not time and time again. Hope you will be able to relax and enjoy your stay in La Touraine. The weather forecast looks promising!! Have fun! Martine

  3. This is a really late start to your French stay this year ....I had thought you were going after the graduation....but reading through things again, I see there were lots of other things to fit in too. I've enjoyed coming back to England for a few weeks ( only 3) before heading back...but then I dont have to be back in front of a class in September. I'm sure getting back to your French home will have made up for the long journey. Enjoy. x

  4. A horrible start, but now you can relax. I love trying all those creams and lotions, much to husband's dismay, he cannot stand the smell.

  5. Some people just love being nasty, don't they? It doesn't help anyone to be like that.

    1. And it does wonders for the UK tourism industry, too!!

  6. It'll feel all the better to relax in the sunshine after the nasty start. Have a good holiday.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I think the solution will be to choose our travelling tomes more carefully to avoid the traffic in the UK.

  8. I am happy you made it over , ok not when intended but you got there .. I gather the RUDE man was English/British ... there is absolutely no need whatsoever ,, and they are the ones that say the French are rude ,, I got nothing but help in Paris ,, always and get back here , and they are so rude .. I will say though that the best underground workers I have come across , work at Victoria Underground ,, Hope you have/had a fab time .