Monday, 5 August 2013

Half a whale….. away!

Japan 2012 532

Thank you for your supportive comments following my last post. Tom met up with the other JET participants at Heathrow with all of the correct documentation which meant that he escaped ‘termination’. Saying goodbye didn’t prove as difficult as I’d imagined, but arriving home to find the beautiful note that he had left for us did! I’m just very glad that he didn’t say those things at the airport.

In order to keep in touch,apart from via Skype and Facetime, Tom has started a blog which you can find here and/or here while he compares and contrasts the relative merits of Blogger and Wordpress.




  1. I will go and look. Glad he got off safely.

  2. Lucky Tom, he's going to have a whale of a time!

  3. You'll be keeping half a whalecome by the fireside for him then?
    Or most probably a whole one...

    At least he's got the blog to keep you informed...
    even if he sounds as if he's in a bathroom on Skype...
    and you can correct any mishearings by confirming it on the blog!!
    Keep well

  4. Well done you all. I shall enjoy reading Tom's blog too now! Don't even try to imagine how it would be without SKYPE and things...what a difference technology can make.

    1. Sorry - didnt realise I was on hubby's login...'twas me! Axxx